Saturday, October 07, 2006

News - Sarikei Haze Attack 2006

Borneo Island 2006 - red hotspots are the burning areas

We interrupt normal programming to bring you breaking news. Holy Smoke! *Gasp!*Sarikei has the dubious honour of having the highest air pollution index (API=183) in Malaysia. No thanks to the south westerly winds that blew the smoke from the hotspots in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Sarawak government will order the closure of all schools if the API reaches the hazardous 300 level. 240,000 out of the 1M face masks to be given free to the public have been distributed to affected areas. Where is the rain when you needed to dance in it? Cloud seeding by Royal Malaysian Air Force Hercules aircraft had failed to induce rain due to the lack of moisture-laden clouds.

Sarikei Bon Voyage sign at Mile 1. 2006. Normal day ("Before")

Sarikei Bon Voyage Sign, Oct 2006 ("After"): The hazy aftermath (source: CS Loh)

Is this a romantic & misty Moon Cake Festival? No, this is the annual haze from agricultural burning of forests (picture here) and it's really bad this year. Education of the farmers by the governments is key. Respite will only come with the monsoon rain in mid Oct. Rain, rain, don't go away, little children want to play. Meanwhile, smoke gets into your eyes.


nung said...

Hey Daniel,

Great local report ! Where are all the VIPs ? Are they breathing this SOLID air with the citizens ?

cs loh said...

Thanks for your encouraging response to my blog. Really glad to know that Sarikian bloggers are in an expanding list. Cheers :)

Daniel Yiek said...

The Haze is also in West Malaysia & S'pore as well. It will not be easy to eradicate this annual problem. We will leave this to the governments to resolve.

CS Loh,
Pls post more photos of Sarikei haze on your blog.

fred said...

yo daniel...

Nice write up. can you include the "Recent post" code to your sidebars so that we can browse your older post. It is hard to navigate to your older post other than selecting the categories..


fred said...

where do you get the satelite pics?

Daniel Yiek said...

1. I copied the satellite pic from some website and then edited in Sarikei location. I believe the news websites rely on Google Earth.

2. Good feedback on adding "Recent Posts" code to the side bar. Let me figure how to do it. Meanhwile, pls go to "Archives" to read by month.

bongkersz said...

cool blog :D I feel for the sarikeian during this haze period. Can imagine how bad it was few days back when my mom told me a mango tree 50m in front of my house also couldn't see properly. Keep up the good job on your sarikei's post bro!

Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome! The mangoes on the teee will be safe for a few days during the haze as no one could see them. ;-)

Anonymous said...

2006 is not the worst haze hit sarikei but somewhere in the 90s was the worst Sarikei haze hit ever u can only see 2 feet away

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