Saturday, October 28, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei-Kuching Bus Terminal

Sarikei-Kuching Bus Terminal 2004 - Fee based toilet on the right; block of shops on the left (across the road - not shown)

he old Sarikei-Kuching Bus terminal in the 90's was by the Nyelong River near the Marine Wharf before it was moved to its new home in 2002 (2003?). You can reach the new site via Meranti Road from Nyelong Park, passing by the Buddhist Association building. The coaches travel to and from this terminal on Meranti Road parallel to Repok Road (see map) and converges at Repok Road opposite the road leading to CTC and Murudu brige.

Sarikei Friendly Supermarket - 2006

The terminal has a clean fee based toilet and a canteen. You can cross the road to shop at Friendly Supermarket or kill time at the big kopitiam (2 shops combined) that has several stalls that serve local delights like Ting bian hu, kam pua noodle, laksa noodle, etc. This kopitiam is also popular for supper due to its getting-out-of-downtown atmosphere.

Sarikei-Kuching Bus Terminal 2004 (bus lane inside; private car lane outside)

At least 4 bus companies operate Sibu-Sarikei-Kuching-Sarikei-Sibu services (6.30am to 10pm) from here (Biaramas, PB, Suria, Borneo Highway). Sarikei-Kuching tickets cost RM$32 (one way) and RM$60 (return). Children tickets are at half price. Sarikei-Kuching coach services are popular despite the 5.5-6.5 hours ride compared to 3-3.5hours for express boats It's even more popular during the stormy monsoon season & holidays. Rural folks also can stop along the way to their homes.

Sarikei-Sibu Lanang Bridge - April 2006 (source: Pejalai)

If you have not been back to Sarikei for a long time and decide to try the Kuching-Sarikei route, make sure you recognise this terminal and disembark or else the coach will continue to Sibu via Lanang Bridge. Then you will have to savour Sibu's kam pua noodle instead.


fred said...

the parking space there was a place for the locals to play RC cars. don't know now..

[m][a][n][n] said...

thanks for dropping by ..

burunghelang said...

I remember since childhood every now then when my family needs to attend some functions in Sibu we have to wait for the ferry to cross the river. The ferry queue time can be up to a few hours especially during a festive season.

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