Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Wharf Cargo Section

Sarikei Wharf Cargo Section 2005 (source: Petre)

Between Sarikei wharf Terminal 1 & 2 on the Rejang River is the cargo wharf (just beside the public toilet). This wharf is not open to public (usually padlocked and chained) so most people will not even notice its presence until some big ships dock there to unload their goods.

Sarikei Wharf Cargo Section (source: Yong Chen Seng)

There are often smaller boats parked at the cargo section and the owners sleep on board. With the clean public toilet just a stone's throw away, that's the ultimate in convenience. The above picture shows some lovely boats (likely village fishing boats) with colourful flags that were caressed by the Rejang River breeze. Find the Sarawak flag.

In the evening, people would sneak into this wharf through the side to try their fishing skills (with fishing rods and prawns or slimy earthworms as bait). Sometimes they caught fishes and prawns for dinner and sometimes they laughed it off when they caught kiam hu (salted fish in Hokkien is a common term for slippers). Some people fish to live and some folks live to fish.



Sarikei is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Sarikei has the highest air pollutant index from the annual haze! Surf here to see hazy Bintangor.

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