Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Wharf Esplanade

Sarikei Rejang Esplanade 1991 - The winding path. Wet market in the background

Sarikei Rejang Esplanade 1991 - Terminal 1 in the background

Sarikei Rejang Esplanade 2006 - One end of the esplanade. Terminal 2 (not shown) is at the right of the background

The 2000-foot Sarikei Rejang Esplanade beckons Rejang River farers with nice landscaping. You can seek shelter from the tropical sun under the tree canopies, laze on the tree trunk themed chairs and enjoy the river breeze while watching the hive of wharf activities. Ornamental flora like shrubs and palms dot the area and domestic fauna like whistling birds, fighting cocks, cats and dogs add to the sights and sounds. It opened on 1st September 1991

Sarikei Rejang Esplanade 2004 - This used to be your playground?

In the mid 60-mid 70's, the only playground in town (now demolished) was in front of the old library next to the Sarikei District Council (behind Repok Road's gong pia pastry shop). It kept kids in bliss with its 2 see-saws, a slide (that made pants wear off - holes!), 4 swings (Yippee! New high!) and a merry-go-around (seeing stars yet?). Later playgounds appeared in Nyelong Park, Friendship Road, the Esplanade (2 playgrounds), Lake Gardens, Merdeka Park, Sebangkoi Park and the new residential area across the Sarikei River.

Sarikei Wharf Esplanade 2004 - Hmm, the romance of dusk. (source: Petre)

The Sarikei Rejang Esplanade is ideal for evening strolls and sunset watching. The sun sets in the west (of course) and that's the direction of Rejang River's flow towards the river mouth at South China Sea where it deposits its silt. From wild nipah palms to "wow" neat park palms: way to go, Sarikei!


fred said...

nice.. the sunset.. i must take one..

Sir Archibald said...

it's been a while since i last visited sarikei .. think it was back in 1998 or maybe 1997 .. is the giant pineapple still there?

Daniel Yiek said...

Most people miss the sunset because they were at home having dinner during that time.

Sir Archibald,
Welcome! The pineapple status is still there. Click Aug archives in the sidebar. See Aug 26 post.

Anonymous said...

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