Sunday, October 22, 2006

View - Sarikei and its neighbours

Sarikei Bus Station map (photo taken 2004). Click map to enlarge.

eography is not everyone's favourite subject but isn't it a shame if you know where KL is but don't know where exactly our neighbouring towns like Selalang and Murudu are? Do you know you have to drive to near Roban to reach Kabong Beach? I know the names of towns but didn't exactly know where they are relative to Sarikei until I stumbled upon this rudimentary map at the Sarikei bus station. The white lines are the roads and the brown lines are the river and coastal banks. By the way, welcome to a new reader from Pakan's longhouse. Find Pakan.

Sarikei & its neigbouring towns (source: Multimap)

The commercial maps on the internet don't list the smaller towns but Multimap has great zooming in and out ability. Click the side arrows to zoom into Sarikei & its surroundings with Multimap here. Now you can redeem yourself from the red marks for Sarawak geography in your report card.

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