Tuesday, October 31, 2006

View - Sarikei Satellite View

Lower Rejang River Satellite View. Click picture to enlarge. Click Back button after viewing. (source: Google Earth)

he wizardry of Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and Google Search to put the world's atlas at your mouse's cursor. For Sarawak, it does not zoom into the individual buildings yet unlike the USA. Anyway, it's good enough to start our geography lesson. I have tagged some names in the map. Firstly, look at the maze of Rejang River tributaries.

From Sarikei Terminal 2 wharf, the Tanjung Manis express boat will travel west towards the Rejang River mouth. You will reach the industrial boom town of Tanjung Manis in 45mins. The van shuttle from Tanjung Manis wharf will bring you through the rustic Rajang village (old spelling of Rejang) and Jerijeh village (location of Tanjung Manis airport). It will finally stop outside the only block of 3 shops of Belawai town. Stay tuned for photolog in my future posts.

For boats going to Kuching, they exit into South China Sea at the Rejang River mouth which can have choppy seas during the monsoon season. 2 famous shipwrecks (Pulau Kijang and Raja Mas) happened there.

Sarikei Satellite View. Click picture to enlarge. Click Back button after viewing.(source: Google Earth)

This amazing view of Sarikei depicts the expansion of Sarikei downtown across the Sarikei River to the west. Beyond the 1st batch of new residential housing since 1998, the straight road stretches to the other left bank of Rejang River with another new residential area. Maybe there will be a jetty there soon.

On the east, take the ferry across Nyelong River and drive on the straight road to Bintangor. After crossing the beautiful red bridge at Meradong River, you will reach Binatang (old name of Bintangor) in 30 min total. If you travel by Rejang River, observe how the longer river journey loops before reaching Bintangor.

This is how the town's swiftlets saw us through out the centuries. Bird's eye view indeed.


Anonymous said...

hey Cousin Daniel

good job on the google earth entry!!


Anonymous said...

I came across this blog quite accidentally. Good job. Couldn't leave without saying that. I may put up my own blog on Sibu soon. I've been living in the US for the last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you wrote so much on such a small town. Just came back from Sarikei to meet my future in laws.

And she's a chinese/melanau from Belawai

great job, excellent pics!


Kong said...

I reckon the road across Nyelong river from Sarikei to Bintangor took about 15 minutes, 20 at the most and not 30.

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