Saturday, November 25, 2006

Food - Sarikei Mangoosteen and Buah Salak

Mangoosteen 2006

he mangoosteen tree takes 15 years to bear fruits. The fruit has a reddish purple rind that can be broken into two with your bare hands but beware of the dye-like juice from the shell. Inside is your reward of sweet, creamy and juicy flesh. Interestingly, the number of fruit pods inside is supposedly related to the number of petals at the bottom of the shell. Has anyone counted before?

Mangoosteen 2006

This "Queen of Fruits" is usually sold next to durians ("King of Fruits") and are eaten after durians to "cool" the "heaty" nature of durians. You have to balance the yin and the yang when eating fruits like durian. Fact or myth? One ang moh (Caucasian) mentioned in the papers that he did not die from drinking alcohol after eating durians (both are "heaty"). Maybe the mix was not potent enough. Has any reader tried this and came back from the dead?

Buah Salak 2006

Buah Salak 2006

Buah (fruit in Malay) Salak is a pear shaped fruit of a plam found in Malaysia and Indonesia. If you saw it in Sarikei's markets, you will not fall in love at first sight because its brown skin has scales like a snake and hence is commonly called snake fruit. The Ibans call it buah ridan (I think). It can cost up to RM$8 per kilo and S$6 per kg in Singapore. Inside is a crunchy pulp that is a little sweet and astringent and its tannin causes a wee bit of temporary tongue paralysis. It is an acquired taste, that is, not love at first bite. Not everyone wants a snake fruit as a snack.

The Sarawak Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is applying for RM$1.2B to build 10K housing units in Sarawak under the 9th Malaysia Plan. In the plan, Sarikei gets 288 units under People-Friendly Housing (price RM$50-60K) for the income group of below RM$1K and 300 units under Affordable Housing (price RM$80-100K) for the income group of RM$1K-2K.


fred said...

no the iban also call it buah salak. buah ridan is another buah that look like buah salak but far more sour than buah salak.

btw: what a stylish way to eat your buah ;)

bongkersz said...

man i love buah salak!! Never miss to get some when I back home :)

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for the clarification! I found a picture of buah ridan at Hornbill's blog. They do look alike!

In Indonesia, people love buah salak too!

Sir Archibald said...

buah ridan is like buah maram we call, salak is grown widely in indon .. like the case here in miri, it's brought in by the indon workers .. he he he .. that's why we have those here

ront said...

i was out having durian with a french in KL, he down his durian with cold beer......last i heard he is alive and kicking...

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