Friday, November 03, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Tanjung Manis trip 2006

Tanjung Manis Wharf 2006 - Rejang River View.
Landscaped wharf. Find the ship in the distance.

Tanjung Manis Wharf 2006 - Welcome pavilion.
Selamat Datang (Welcome). Bandar Baru (new town) Tanjung Manis (Sweet Cape/Promontory )

he salty river breeze caressed your face as your express boat departed from Sarikei Wharf Terminal 2. It picked up speed as it headed west towards the Rejang River mouth at South China Sea. The river breeze massaged you while the tropical sun bathed you. One unusual sight along the way was the long electricty cables that hanged across the width of the Rejang River. You passed by several timber processing plants. After 45 mins-1 hour, Tanjung Manis new town beckoned. The new wharf was impressive and the welcome pavilion was like those from tropical resort islands (eg. Bintan).

Tanjung Manis Wharf 2006 - Walkway leading to the town.
Restrooms (not shown) are on the left. Restaurant is at the left end of the walkway. Van shuttle (not shown) waits at the right. Spot the goods on the floor.

Tanjung Manis Downtown 2006

In the 70's, big foreign ships docked in Tanjung Manis to trade with the locals. It's not known whether the stories of some form of smuggling were true on inbound (high duty goods) and outbound ships (endangered animals to be sold as exotic pets).

In the 70's, the foreign ships brought in goods that most of us had never tasted before. There was a cold storage shop at the end of Sarikei Wharf Road (near the police station) that sold dairy products from the West & ANZ. I had my first taste of imported bacon then. They even had cube sugar which was a novelty compared to the coarse sugar available by the kati (not the metric kilogram then) from the sundry shops. Apples, grapes and pears were luxury imported items and the two kopitiams (coffeeshops) opposite the Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1 did brisk business as people bought them as greeting gifts when they visited relatives in Binatang and Sibu.

Tanjung Manis Downtown - Guess what? You can't buy Guess jeans and apparels here. This is a music bar.

Tanjung Manis Downtown 2006 - Sing Chuong Restaurant and StarBucks Pub.

Tanjung Manis downtown is developed to serve the foreigners that transit here and people that have come to work in this industrial boom area. It has gone beyond the original timber processing into other light industries like fisheries, seafood processing, ice blocks, etc. Goverment investment poured in due to its deep sea port and its proximity to the Rejang River mouth which is a strategic location along the lifeline (Rejang River) of Sarawak's vast hinterland.

The downtown has 4 blocks of shops. It has grocery shops, kopitiams, restaurants, video & games shops, etc. Sing Chuong restaurant from Sarikei has a branch there. There's even a StarBucks pub. You probably can not order cappucino there but maybe the local kopi-cino.


fred said...

haha.. you have a spammer above ^_^...

This part of sarikei is the only part that is still a mystery to me. NEver been there...

gongpiang said...

I am sorry but Tanjung Manis always reminds me of the dark side of S'wak for this is a place where selfish timber tycoon blackmail our vast forest reserve for loading thousands and thousand of the best quality log onto Japanese & Taiwanese vessel. I remember during my childhood Iban labourer have to be transfer to Tanjung Manis for a week or two once this foreign vessel anchor to load our timber and each labourer was pay RM30 for a week job. I was too young to join Greenpeace then.

Anonymous said...

This will be an good day trip when you come back to S'kei next. S'kei to Tj Manis to Rejang to Belawai.

Gong Piang,
Interesting info from the old days! Now Tj Manis is part of Mukah Divn and Sibu has decided to build road & bridges direct to Tj Manis. S'kei will probably be bypassed by the new Sibu road unless S'kei builds a road to link to it.

gongpiang said...

I remember all the Sarikei folks called it Tanjung Money, no body call it Tanjung Manis. Same goes Binatang, not Bintangor and also Mukiwang not Bukit Huang. AngTongNee not Saint Anthony, Sarikei also got Slang Hor!

Daniel Yiek said...

ha!!! Sarikei is a melting pot of cultures. When friends gather, it's common to have 5-6 langauages and dialects flying around in the same table. Hokkien, Foochow, Cantonese, Mandarin,English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update on development in Sarikei. We appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

my memory of 'Tanjong Manis' was the light house. A few times when I passed through that area it was in the night. that was over 30 years ago!

Thanks to all for providing the updated info.


ront said...

tanjung manis wasnt originally called that way, no? wasnt it Tanjung Mani which was changed to Manis for obvious reason?

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