Saturday, December 30, 2006

History - Sarikei 2006 Review

Sarikei Repok Road 2005 - View from Rejang River.
Silent Night, Trolley Night.
Find the minibike and goods trolley chained to the fence.

ime flies. It's time to reflect on the top 10 events in Sarikei in 2006. The links are in the numbers if you like to refresh your mind.

10. Raise the red lantern. Inaugural Chinese New Year lantern decoration at Masjid Lama Road.
09. Flower to the people. The new toilet at Nyelong River got funky with flora.
08. Double vision. Pesta Nenas (Pineapple Festival) evolved to a twice yearly Pesta Sarikei.
07. The rubber hits the road. Natural rubber continues comeback as a cash crop.
06. Toll Fee: Sibu Lanang Bridge opened in Apr'06. Toll Free: Sibu Durin Bridge opened in Oct'06.

Krim Soda (made in Bintangor). Cheers!

05. Is pepper is worth its salt? The government plans to revitalise pepper production.
04. Size does matter. Mega 3rd Hospital officially opened.
03. Hand to mouth. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease struck.
02. Power to the people. Surprising results in the Sarawak Elections

And now, drum roll please, ... the winner is...
01. Dazed by the haze! Sarikei made headlines as the most polluted in Malaysia!

And you thought nothing exciting ever happened in Sarikei. I hope you have enjoyed the journey. I have learned a lot about Sarikei doing research for the posts and from the readers' comments. Thanks to those who have contributed photos and ideas.
Please comment on what you like (eg: Nolstalgia? Rare old photos? Things you never knew about Sarikei? Style of writing? Updates? etc) or don't like about this blog (eg: too slow without broadband? Not enough food articles? Too wordy? Too short? etc).

Here's to 2007. * Cheers! *


Daniel Yiek said...

By now, most of you have realised how dependent you are on the WWW after the Taiwan earthquake wrecked optic fibre cable connection to USA. World Wide Wait indeed. Finally managed to post this 2006 review on time. :)

gongpiang said...

Daniel, you are doing a great job, is not easy to blog on a small town like Sarikei. I would think a lot of people like me who doesn’t travel back to Sarikei anymore do find this blog interesting especially the topic is on something which is uniquely Sarikei. 2007 would be a big challenge for you to come up with two update per week, again the increasing traffic to your blog is a big encouragement for you and I wish you all the best for the coming year.

burunghelang said...

Cheers Daniel and all Sarikei people. "Y aaa.. m Seng".

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your effort to create a blog on Sarikei. Agreed with Gongpiang it's not going to be easy to write something new about this lovely town more than once a week, unless you write about its history and past events - Being an ex-anthonian myself, your entry on the school brought back all the good memories - keep up the good work!

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for words of encouragement. I think I will still have content to keep this blog going for at least 1/2 year. As most of the key S'kei areas of interest (padang, wharf, cinemas, etc) have been posted, every new post takes even more effort to think and write.

I will take on a new work related role in 2007 and that will keep me busy and travelling too. Will try to stick to a post every 3 days.

Pls try to use a nickname for comments.


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