Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Food - Sarikei Foochow Red Wine

Sticky Glutinous Rice

Red, red can one resist? Not when it comes to our favourite Foochow red rice wine and its lees (red wine residue) and the magic it can weave with other ingredients to tease our palate. Sarikei is heavily influenced by Foochow food. It's a labour of love to make this red wine.

Dry Fermented Red Rice

I copied the recipe:

1. One Kg glutinous rice (chook bee)
2. Two pieces of wine cake (chew pia - yeast and Aspergillus Oryzae)
3. Two taels (2 2/3 oz.) dry fermented red rice (ang kek bee)

1. Cook the glutinous rice
2. Break the wine cake and mix it with the red rice
3. Mix #2 thoroughly with the cooked glutinous rice. Optional: Mix with sugar
4. Ferment for 4 weeks (earthern ware preferred) in a cool dark place.
5. For the first week , stir it every day, then twice weekly.
6. Strain in a muslin cloth: use the red wine for cooking and lees (residue) for marinating meat.

Foochow Red Wine Lees
(source: Masak-Masak)

Stir fried chicken in red wine lees.

If you are too lazy to bother with the tedious preparation, you can buy packaged ones from the hawkers. Ask for Foochow ang chow (red lees). Marinate the chicken with the red lees and stir fry with ginger. The final masterpiece is an intoxicating dish of drunken chicken.

Mee Suah - Wheat Flour Vermicelli

How can we forget the other favourite dish - red wine mee suah noodle?

1. Stir fry ginger strips in oil
2. Add red wine lees and stir fry
3. Add chicken pieces and stir fry
4. Add chicken stock (soup)
5. Add black fungus (wooden ear fungus)
6. Add a wee bit of sesame oil.
7. Cook mee suah noodle separately in boiling water. Strain it.
8. Add the soup from (6) to the strained mee suah noodle.
9. Garnish with chopped shallots.
10. Add more red rice wine if you want an extra kick.

Red wine mee suah.
(source: masak-masak)

Ta-da! Drunken chicken, hidden mee suah.


burunghelang said...

Grandma used to make a lot of the 'ern jiu' and 'ern jou'. This dish 'ern jou geah' is a must have on birthdays.

Stephen said...

How timely!, My mum just bought some fresh mee sua n getting ready to be dried, and the red wine my aunt is making is just week away to be bottled, specially made for CNY. Cant wait for the reunion dinner as my aunt will cook her smoked 'ang chow' duck, simply devine...

gongpiang said...

'ern jou' eat with gongpiang is the most my family's secret recipe for generation.

kanga said...

Some food I just like for ever! mee suah in Foochow red wine is one of them. Help! Can anyone suggest where is the best corner in Sarikei to eat this? I won't want to miss out in my next trip to Sarikei!

fred said...

where can get that wine lees in sarikei? should try it next time..

ront said...

that red less sure look very for the recipe.....2 taels of red yeast rice to 1kg of glutinous rice?? enough ah?

think i used 150g of red yeast rice to 1.5kg of glutinous rice. oh and dont forget to add water....boiled the water or even better use spring water...but boiled them first and cool it down. for even better effect...add a few tbsp of strong liquor (eg: whiskey/brandy)

Mauschilond said...

Does anyone have gong biang recipe to share, please?

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