Friday, January 26, 2007

View - Sarikei 1968, Repok Road

Sarikei Repok Road - circa 1968
View from Block 4, 3rd floor

How do we deduce that it's from circa 1968? This is the same time frame of the 1968-1970 Central Road photos. Look at her watch - it's the small round type popular during the late 60's to early 1970s.

Observe that the slightly modern cars were using slanted parking (without parking lot lines) under the overhead power lines. Find the Volkswagen Beetle ("tortoise car"). That telephone booth was not dismantled for many years and was full of swallow poop. Spot the first roundabout in Repok Road between block 2 and 3. There's no clock tower (which was built in early 1970s) at the river front. From the shadows of the buildings, you can guess it's about 2-3pm.

Sarikei Repok Road - 1958

Compare the cars with the antiquated cars from this 1958 picture - so the 1st picture is not from 1950s. Whatever happened to those lovely 1958 antiques after they were retired? (Update: Reader STLau emailed that the cars did not belong to Sarikei but belonged to VIP visitors to Sarikei during a big occasion)

Sarikei Repok Road - 2005
View from Rejang River esplanade

Block 3 (right, counting from the Rejang River) of Repok Road was burned down in 1990 and a monolithic 4-storey block replaced it. This is the second biggest heritage loss after the burning of Cathay cinema block in Central Road. Luckily, the Block 3 (left, not shown) is almost an exact duplicate of Block 3 (right) but Block 3 (right) had some interesting tenants ranging from the Cantonese Association to some of the best kam pua noodle vendors in town. Do you still remember how they shout orders like "Kam pua mo neek!" (without meat in Foochow)?


Daniel Yiek said...

I think the booth in the middle of the road may be a telephone booth, not a taxi booking operator booth. I can vaguely remember as I was a kid running around the streets then.

LiDaSor said...

Nice picture of old Sarikei. I can still remember some of the tenants at Block 3 left (Seen from the 2nd picture 1958). The last shop (No.21 Repok Rd) is a must visit before CNY to shop for clothing and fabric, level 2 was a hotel. The 3rd shop (No. 15 Repok Rd) was a book store called WenHua where you could buy the weekly Borneo Bulletin from Brunei, sharing the other half of the shop was a sundries shop called Wing Leong operated by a lady boss. The 4th shop is Eng Yik a big time trader operated by Foochow.

Gongpiang is being retired.

Kong-Kay said...

can u get fishball stuffed with minced pork in town? is it a lost treasure among the foochow in s'wak?

Daniel Yiek said...

Since you hv mentioned Block 3 Left, I have pulled in my post for that...originally meant for later release. Enjoy the memories!

Kong Kay,
I dont recall any shop selling fishball stuffed with minced pork. Maybe some other readers will know. Keep up your foodie blog!

Kanga said...

Fish ball stuffed with minced pork? I never knew there was a Foochow equivalent version of 'yong-tau-foo'!... 'yong-ngii-won'?? I can't say I can recall this food in Sibu or Sarikei. Can anyone else?

Lidasar said...

Yes it is a Foochow delicacy. I have taken them before and they are sold by Foochow but not in Sarawak. Is not common because you really need extra skill to put the meat inside. I have seen the documentary and the persons preparing them are all family members doing it for years.

You can try the stall at Sultan Gate, Off Beach Rd in SG.

ront said...

that type of fishball is indeed Foochow specialty....but I only tasted it when I went to most of the so called Foochows in sarikei are from Ming Chiang or Gu Tien.

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