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View - Sarikei 1970

Sarikei view - 1970
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Source: halamanku
reader found this undated gem in his family album. Let's put on our thinking caps to determine the date.

  • Starting from the river, observe that there's no godown to the left of Wharf Terminal 1
  • There's no bus terminal to the right of the fish market and the small kopitiam next to the fish market.
  • Land had been cleared to build the "new" blocks for Payang Puri hotel & its adjacent blocks and also the blocks around Ah Kow's "new" restaurant which were completed around 1972-1973
  • Land had been cleared to build Nyelong Park. Can anyone remember when the first few blocks of Nyelong Park was completed in the early 1970s? 1973?
  • There were several neat government quarters completed for some lucky civil servants.
  • The old Nyelong River ferry was in operation in the river!

My vote is for the year circa 1970 because it took at least 2 years to complete the Payang Puri "new" blocks which were up around 1972-73. You could only develop colour photos in Sarikei around 1972-1973 and this picture is in black and white. Do you agree? Do you dream in colours? What is the colour of your Sarikei dream?


lidasar said...

Notice the following in the photo?

Bottom Left corner with the Hong Kong Studio marking? I doubt the younger generation knows this photo studio use to operate from level 2 of the 2nd block left of Wharf road.

Notice the small Muslim cemetery (Repok Rd Left) opposite to Methodist primary school? If you are brave enough you could collect rambutans and Jambudat but it was uprooted in the 70’s for a roll of shop houses.

The tennis court at the club house? Doesn’t exist then.

Kwang Lee bank was operating from the 1st shop at the far end left of Wharf Road, anyone can remember?

I agree 1970 is the time frame of this photo.

Kanga said...

Very good observation on the 'Hong Kong' marking & yes its on level 2 along Wharf Road. I can't remember which block. Also location of Muslim cemetery is spot on. (I look straight ahead whenever I cycled pass this spot at night ha! ha! I thought I scared myself too much in those days). I cycled pass Kwang Lee Bank to & from St Anthony's everyday. Sadly in those days whenever I looked towards the police station I always looked at the wrong end of the rifle! (emergency period & the police station was heavily guarded).
Just one point, I was still in Sarikei in 1970 and I can't remember the cleared land existed for the Payang Puri Hotel?? So could this photo be taken 1971-1972??.
This photo brought back all my memories of how my bicycle & motorcycle 'measured' many times every road shown in the photo.

Daniel Yiek said...

The Muslim cemetery was on a small hill opposite Methodist with a small road on its side that led to someone's homes. Now it's behind Ngiu Kee supermart.

HK studio used to be on the 1st floor of that shophouse at Wharf Rd. Now it's operating in the new block of shops (the new block behind the original maternity clinic block, Block 5 RIGHT counting from Rejang River)

Good observation on the absence of the tennis court at Sarikei Club next to the basketball stadium.

This photo should be around 1970-1972 depending on how long (1-3 years) it took to build the new blocks. People moved in around 1972-73 to the new blocks.

Very exciting & interesting comments by a new reader (Chan) on Sarikei's origins at an old post below (cut and paste the URL to your browser). Chan, pls contribute more comments in future.

STLAU said...

Dear Daniel:
The race is now on to see who can deliver an even more awesome picture of downtown Sarikei (mine just got beaten except that mine is a coloured one). Those going back to Sarikei over the CNY should try their best to find some even older pictures of Sarikei. Once again, thanks to Daniel.

Kanga said...

I don't think your picture/photo would ever got beaten. To me every picture/photo presented on this blog adds new dimensions to readers. Thank you for sharing.
And to those going back to Sarikei, apart from digging photos to share, do go to that special market on new year's eve 4:00 am in the morning and get yourself roast ducks, roast pork, etc including that special 'golden medallion pork'- fat has never tasted so nice!
It is the year of the animal which has made the greatest sacrifice by presenting on our table.
To all readers of this blog, happy Chinese New Year! in Sarikei or anywhere else.

cooknengr said...

Hey, when I get my shit together, I'll put my 1969 home movies of Sarikei on You Tube, will send you a link.
Dad had the only 8mm movie camera in town, may be in the state.

lidasar said...

'Golden medallion pork'? Sliced lean meat, fat and liver, marinade with Soya sauce & oyster sauce. Make a chain alternate it with a slice of lean pork follow by a slice of fat and a slice of liver……. Soak it in XO-Cognac for hours. Roast with charcoal or fire wood, while hot & ready roll it over sesame seeds.

Talking of pork, the stall use to operate from the old wet market and located behind the left side of the market. The pork was wrap in leafs and news paper, no nylon string then but grass instead.

nelson said...


Daniel Yiek said...

The CNY market is definitely worth visiting for its sights and smells.

Cook n Engr,
1969 videos..can't wait for your CNY ang pow to the Sarikei community! My email is

I will likely end this blog at the end of 2007 as there's only so much to blog about this town. Then I will use freeware to backup the blog and offer it as a free download to Sarikei denizens.

Daniel Yiek said...

I found out that people started to move into Nyelong Park's new blocks in 1974.

ront said...

the best gold-coin meat (golden medallion meat) is by the guy in the old open air stalls next to payang puri....a cantonese fella...unfortunately he passed away years ago. And few weeks ago when I was home, I couldnt even get it from the Sunday market, there's a younger guy preparing it. But I guess the price it commands make ppl shy away from it. BUT, i was lucky to taste them again in Ah Kow's have to special order them.

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