Saturday, February 03, 2007

View - Sarikei 1975

Sarikei View -circa 1975
Source: Old Sarikei magazine

nother awesome photo (undated) was unearthed by a reader from an old magazine. Is this from the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's? Let's do our detective work.

  • No new Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1 or 2 buildings => ruled out 1990s
  • No go-down building to the left of Terminal 1 (in front of the Wharf Road shops)
  • A cargo terminal was been built (near the bus terminal)
  • The clock tower was tick tocking away without the pineapple statue => post 1974
  • Cars were parked in 2 rows (one in each direction) => ruled out 1960s. 1970s.
  • Block 3 Right (counting from Rejang River), Repok Rd, was still in business (burned down in 1990) => before 1990
  • The basketball stadium still had echoes of basketball dribbling => ruled out 2000s
  • The Cathay cinema was still showing pictures
  • The 1974 stage for Governor Birthday Celebration was up at the padang (opposite Cathay)
  • The 1987 Civic Centre was not built yet on the padang (field)
  • The Payang Puri hotel and the adjacent Berjaya Road's 2 blocks were completed => post 1974
  • The Ngiu Kee supermarket and the adjacent new blocks were not built yet
  • The bus terminal (next to the fish market) did not have a roof yet => ruled out 2000s
  • The 2-storeyed hawker centre next to the bus terminal was under construction (completed in 1981)
  • The new shops at opposite the 2-storeyed hawker centre were not built yet
  • The new shops opposite Methodist Church were not built yet
  • The mechanic repair shops opposite Rex cinema had 2 buses parked for repairs.

The conclusion? This picture was taken after 1974 in the 1970s. The biggest clue is the 2-storeyed hawker centre that's under construction (completed in 1981). Is there a reader familiar with that area and time frame? Put on your detective hats!


Daniel Yiek said...

I pasted a reader's email below. No, there's no Anthonian alumni yet. This will require someone to invest time & passion...usually a senior person who has leadership and time to spare. The 1st step is to have St Anthony's School set up a website!


From : Wong Liz (email address deleted)
Sent : Monday, February 5, 2007 9:37 AM
To :
Subject : Cool blog

Hi Daniel

My aunt who is from Sarikei forwarded me the link today. Really cool.

By the way, is there a St Anthony Alumni? I met up with my former teacher the other day and we were talking about it, that there should be one else, someone should get it going.. By the way, we're in KL now..

Kanga said...

Its an interesting photo which brings back distant memories of river transport.
In the 70's the river express from Sarikei to Bintangor & Sibu dominated the people transport. It took about 2 hours to Sibu by river express. Now it is replaced by road and it takes only an hour and a bit!
In the photo, in the far distance there appears to be a smoking chimney. Was that CTC sawmill? Can any one confirm?

Daniel Yiek said...

Good catch. You are very likely correct. I have a clearer picture of this which I couldn't upload due to its 10MB size. The smoke came from the bend of the Sarikei River and CTC mill is next to the river, ofcos. ;)

astlau said...

To see the beauty of this photo, you really need to get that 10MB size file from Daniel. I used it as a wallpaper on my 21" screen and it is just fantastic. Only limitation is the line in the center.

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