Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Festivals - Sarikei CNY 2007 - Part 3

CNY pineapple pastry. Are you a pineapple or pastry person?

NY was fun but preparation for CNY was not exactly a piece of cake. There's the "spring cleaning" of the house, shopping for clothes, food and beverages, baking and the influx of relatives. "When is your next baby due?" was one of the usual questions that most people dreaded from well meaning relatives and friends that you might meet only once a year. Then there's the annual traffic jam as people who live in other towns drove home or visited for the day. And not forgetting the food binge.

Sarikei CNY 2007: Well designed ang pow

Sarikei CNY 2007: Ang pow. Red alert.

Then there's the ang pow (cash in red packet) harvest or give away that kids loved. Cash should be in even numbers and the figure should preferably rhyme with good luck and prosperity. How much should you give? $1.80? $2.80? $18? $28? 68? 108? 208? etc.

CNY 2007: Mandarin oranges. Vitamin C overdose.

Mandarin oranges imported from China are a must for CNY. Now who's going to finish the boxes of mandarin oranges before they turn mouldy?

CNY 2007: Crispy "Love Letters" waffles

CNY 2007. Love Letters: folded or rolled?

And all that were left of the love letters were the broken pieces.

Nevertheless, CNY is the most eagerly awaited festival for the Chinese in Sarikei. Let's exit Chap Goh Meh (15th night of CNY) with a BANG too! (CNY's eve video was filmed at Nyelong Park. 3mins. Much better than the 1st version.). Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

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