Friday, March 09, 2007

View - Sarikei 2001

Sarikei 1988
Rejang River at the front. Nyelong River at the left.
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(source: Sarikei District Office)

This photo was hanging in the Sarikei District Office's 9th floor (yes, that's the tallest building in town) along with some of the old Sarikei photos which I have already posted before. I asked permission to take a digital picture.

The first impresssion everyone has of Sarikei's bird's eye view is that it's surrounded by 3 rivers - Nyelong (left), Rejang (front) and Sarikei (right). I heard a story that Sarikei's fengshui (geomancy in Mandarin) is good because it's surrounded by water. It's like a tongue and the story goes that Sarikei is destined to produce successful sons. Have you heard of this?

A ship was heading towards Tanjung Manis along the Rejang River. Find the high rise blocks around Payang Puri and the Ngiu Kee stretch along Jalan Masjid Lama. Search for the neat houses in the Malay kampung (villages) on the bottom right. Observe the huge hinterland in the background.

Sarikei 2001: Nyelong River at the front. Rejang River at the right.
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(source: Sarikei District Office)

This picture is in the glass panelled notice board (hence the middle line in the photo) on the ground floor of the Civic Centre on the original padang (field). Note the tallest building (Sarikei District Office) next to the Nyelong ferry crossing and the new sports field to the left of it. Find Nyelong Park to the left (around 27 years old; 1974-2001) How many of you grew up there?). Observe the straight road that connects Nyelong River (Jalan Nyelong) and Sarikei River (Jalan Masjid Lama). That whole stretch of road was lighted up for CNY 2007. Across Sarikei River bridge, the new residential area had mushroomed.

If Sarikei's main area is a tongue, then the buildings are tastebuds. Are there any fengshui experts among the readers?


Daniel Yiek said...

Has anyone found old Sarikei photos in your old and dusty family albums during your CNY trip home? Pls send to

nelson said...

i think the photos are showing sarikei back in1991 instead of 2001. wisma pelita and sarikei bridge were not built yet.

Daniel Yiek said...

Very good catch on photo 1! Either I remembered the caption of the photo hanging in Sarikei District Office wrongly or the photo caption itself was not correct. Sarikei River bridge was not even there. Which building is Wisma Pelita? Do you mean the tallest building (Wisma Jobli Mutiara) next to the Nyelong crossing? The photo was after 1987 because Civic Centre was up. Sugar Bun block was still under construction (so the clue is to ask when Sugar Bun started biz and we'll have the answer. Can anyone ask the Sugar Bun boss?). Can anyone in Sarikei pop over to 9th floor of District Council to have a look at the caption again?

The 2nd pic (hanging in Civic Ctr) has the Sarikei bridge. It's a recent pic because the shop blocks with blue roofs (Mammoth Courts furniture) to the left of the the tallest building were up. Thoughts?

nelson said...

yeah the tallest building in skei. now it called as wisma jubli mutiara, formerly wisma pelita right? The name was changed to a building in petra jaya opposite sesco hq.

i hope sugarbun will revive their apple bee and frosty boy outlets and revitalise as i don't see their impact here in KL. times square got one outlet. we need sarawak bolehism!

Ivy said...

My family was among the first few families to move in Nyelong Park in 1974 so I grew up there. I worked at Sugarbun right after my SPM while waiting for my result and Sugarbun was newly opened then. The year was 1992.

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for the info on the year that Sugar Bun opened. I was looking for that. Will update the Sugar Bun post.

Daniel Yiek said...

The picture is from 1988 or before since it appeared in the Cantonese Youth Association magazine of 1989. Have updated the blog

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