Monday, April 23, 2007

Food: Sarikei Burger

Sarikei Sugar Bun 2007

Sarikei Sugar Bun 2006

Sarikei Sugar Bun 2006

ay before the global burger giants like McDonalds and Burger King came to Sarawak, our own entrepreneurs have established their own local brand in Sugar Bun. From its humble beginning as an ice cream parlor in 1979, SugarBun moved on to sell roasted chicken as its main item. SugarBun has progressed beyond chicken and hamburgers to become a Quick Service Restaurant with the "4-in-1" and Destination Centres Concept offering Asian Cuisine, Patisseries, Café Bar Beverages and Western Cuisine.

Sarikei Sugar Bun 2007

Sarikei Sugar Bun 2007

Sarikei Sugar Bun 2007

The Sarikei Sugar Bun (opened in 1992) is situated after the Ngiu Kee block at Jalan Masjid Lama. It is positioned as a cool place to hang out for the younger generation due to its air con comfort, nicer ambiance and its relatively higher prices than the kopitiams (coffee shops) and hawker stalls. It's very popular during weekends and festive seasons. There's even a children playground inside to attract the kids to go back even if the adults don't want to.

Sarikei Ramli Burger stall 2007

Frankly I have never eaten at Sugar Bun Sarikei though I have tried Sugar Bun a few times in Kuching. I'm not a fan of western styled fast food but you can give me the local Ramli burger anytime with its magarine roasted meat patty, shredded lettuce, egg (fried in a metal ring) and dripping ketchup. Slurp! RM$2.50-$3.00, I think.

Sarikei Ramli Burger stall 2005
Express coach stop on Sarikei-Kuching route

You do not need to wait for the global Burger King to come to Sarikei. Burger King is already in the house. Check out the name of the stall above!


Lidasar said...

We don’t have this burger then, the closes is the Kongpiang. Ya, I can see the culture of West Malaysia’s Ramli burger is setting in and hope their Mat Rempit culture will not set in next.

Anonymous said...

i like wan burger-near maybank

fred said...

I don't really agree with the last caption. :|

'dino' said...

yes i like the burger near the JPJ building...huhu..i miss Sarikei

Daniel Yiek said...

Pls advise what do you mean you "dont agree with the last caption"?

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