Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scenes - Sarikei 2nd Public Library 1972

Sarikei 2nd Library's opening, 1972.
Find Mr Titus, Fr Rottinghuis and others.
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source of both pics: halamanku

ne reader found a picture of the 1972 opening of the 2nd public library behind Rex. Asian families value education very much. This was a big day for Sarikei as it was the official move from the 1st wooden library at Jalan Getah to this building which was surrounded with windows with glass panes. Find the bus hidden behind the library. I can recall the parked buses with their oil stains on the road. Do you remember this bus terminal before all buses were moved to the Rejang River Bus terminal at Bank Road?

Sarikei 2nd Library, 1972

The 2nd library was non air conditioned (the 3rd one was air conditioned). It had ceiling fans and 6-8 big tables and a librarian office. You would park your bicycles (ok, everyone cycled then) on the grass by the main entrance. At the entry was the librarian cubicle where you would return and borrow books. Then you could walk along a path to buy movie tickets (50 sen or RM$1.10, RM$1.60) at Rex cinema, buy some hot buns from the bakery behind Shanghai Bookstore (the corner shop) and then munch them at the kopitiam (coffeshop) below Rex.

Books, hot buns, kopi (coffee) and movies, what more can you ask for?


WillGoat said...

I thought that is the 2nd most recent library with aircond in half the top floor?

Daniel Yiek said...

This 2nd library was torn down and replaced with the 3rd one (the one you mentioned above)

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