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Scenes - Sarikei Post Office 1966-1968

Sarikei old Post Office, 1966.
Thinking outside the boxes.
Source of these 4 pics: halamanku

oing to the post office was considered a "trip" because it's tucked in a "far" corner of town just after the old Sarikei District Office and old basketball stadium (now demolished). People usually cycled there. The 200 old letter boxes were prized possessions because they were limited in numbers. Deninzens of Sarikei had to fork out RM$30 (I think) per year to keep it.

Sarikei old Post Office, 1967. Spot the telephone.

And you thought you will never ever see that telephone booth again. This was one of the earlier telephone booth in town but was often vandalised. Sometimes it smelled of urine. Swallows also loved to camp there probably because of the warmth and the lights that attracted insects. This meant that the black and white swallow poo could be found there too.

Sarikei old Post Office, 1967
Strike a pose by making a phoney phone call.

Note the old type of dialing phone, not the the digital punch type of keypad. What did people do when they see a public phone? They checked out the hole for any spare change left by forgetful users.

Sarikei old Post Office, 1968.

Next to the post office was the telegram office in the same building. A telegram or cablegram was sent by Morse Code over cables. Morse code used standardised sequences of short ("dots") and long elements ("dashes") to represent the letters, numerals, punctuation and special characters of a message. Each telegram cost RM$2 then (I think) for a limited number of words on a piece of paper.

If you put the more relaxed old times in perspective, you should no longer complain why people have not replied your email, instant message or skype call.

I forgot about the results of the polls for the

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  • Swallow = 43% (the winner gets a feather for his cap!)
  • Pineapple = 32%
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