Friday, May 25, 2007

Food: Sarikei Buah Tampoi

Sarikei Buah Tampoi 2007

hen was the last time you went around Sarikei's markets? You will be surprise how enlightening and fun they are. You will discover exotic wild fruits that you have never seen before, let alone tasted before. More than 2/3 of Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state, is still covered with part of the oldest and biologically diverse rainforest in the world. It has a genetic repository that is older than the rainforest of Amazon. There will be future posts on our exotic fruits. Let's us start with one wild fruit, the tampoi (Baccaurea spp.), that has been planted commercially in Sarawak in recent years.

Sarikei Buah Tampoi 2007

There are many species of tampoi in Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. Some tampoi names include ajong, larah, engkuni, puak, pugi, levan, luung keio, and umpo. They grow in lowland, clay-rich soils (sometimes in sand or limestone types) or on the lower slopes of the mountains. The tampoi is a small to medium-sized tree with smooth, broad, mid-green leaves. Its pink or white flowers grow in long racemes from the trunk and main branches. Tampoi trees are dioecious, requiring separate male and femal trees for fruiting. Tampoi trees should only be grown in warm areas. They prefer partial shade for the first few growing years, or permanently. Three trees should be grown together.

You have to try it yourself as it's difficult to describe its taste. I won't rate it more than 6/10.

Sarikei Buah XXXX 2007

Sarikei Buah XXXX 2007

Does anyone know the name of this buah (fruit in Malay)? It looks and feels like tampoi but its skin is brown and its flesh is white. I will call it buah XXXX for now. What does it taste like? Its taste is not spectacular. I can not remember.


BurungHelang said...

I have never seen these before in Sarikei or anywhere.

nelson said...

me too. =)

d.asterisk said...

it's another variety of the tampoi. very common in the peninsular.same taste though,sweet but not too,

Pepper said...

I remember my dad call it buah sentul

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