Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Food: Sarikei Fried and BBQ Chicken

Sarikei Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2007
Find the fish finger banner.
Lot 1440 - 1441, Jalan Masjid Lama, Section 36, 96100, 
Sarikei, Sarawak. Tel. No: 084-653913 

Sarikei Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2007
Ground Floor Sales counter

Sarikei Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2007
2nd level seats

FC penetrated Sarikei in the 1993 after the Sarawak burger joint, Sugar Bun, has set up shop (1992). It's on the other side of Jalan Masjid Lama facing Ngui Kee department store. Like Sugar Bun, eating at KFC is considered a treat in Sarikei due to its relatively nicer and air conditioned ambience versus a traditional kopitiam (coffeeshop). It has 2 floors of seats with a food ordering counter at the ground floor. KFC does not sell fried chicken only. Amongst other things like burgers, there's even fillet of fish called fish fingers..

Sarikei BBQ Chicken, 2007
Nyelong River area

Sarikei has its own brainchild in charcoal grilled BBQ chicken which suddenly mushroomed at the Rejang River bank opposite the bus terminal in the 1990's. In 2006, they were asked by the government to move to an area near the Nyelong River ferry crossing probably due to the oily smoke that permeated the air around the bus terminal. By Feb 2007, there was only one store left at the Rejang River. Does anyone recall the price per BBQ chicken?

Sarikei Kentucky Fried Chicken or Sarikei BBQ Chicken? Toss a coin now. No? You dont like chicken? OK, you don't have to chicken out because you have another option ....

Sarikei BBQ Fish, 2007
Nyelong River area.

Sarikei KFC Fish Fingers or Sarikei BBQ Fish?


fred said...

nice BBQ chicken.. back then it was RM10 per bird and for regular customer it can be RM9 per bird.

Now I'm not sure, I think it's still RM10 but with a smaller chicken..

btw.. this blog still having trouble with firefox.
and issue with Pop-ups.

hope you resolved it soon..

Daniel Yiek said...

Sorry, I dont know how to solve the Firefox issue. I tried Help group but no one replied. I read thru some similar issues from other users..seems like this is due to coding differences between the 2 browsers.

Pop up ads is likely related to spyware in your PC. You can download free spyware scans from www.spybot.com

Nelson said...

When KFC had just opened their chain here, I remember they held KFC EAT ALL YOU CAN/buffet. That was fun!

Anonymous said...

I was only a student hardly had enough poket $$ to go KFC when it just opened in Sarikei. I remembered save all my weekly allowance, then at weekend lepak at KFC with friends. After a year of regular KFC, I grew fatter. Then I learnt too much KFC isn't good now I hardly go KFC only when I crave for hot and spicy I occassionally go.. that's me and KFC in Sarikei.

Sim Y said...

What I can say is this may be the only famous international brand fast food restaurant coming to Sarikei.

KFC has found Sarikei.

burunghelang said...

I am sorry but they really don't taste as nice as they look.

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