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Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade 2002
View from Sarikei District Office Tower
Source: Sixth Seal

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade: late 2006
View from Sarikei District Office Tower
Construction of esplanade was work in progress
What is that plot of cleared land on the Bintangor side for?
Source: Sorry, can't recall.

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade 2007
View from Sarikei District Office Tower
Esplanade almost completed.
What is that yellow building across the river?

yelong River used to the neglected child of Sarikei compared to the mighty Rejang River. If you had not been to that part of Sarikei for one year plus, you would not have noticed that Nyelong River had blosoomed from an ugly duckling into a swan under a government plan to beautify the area. Above are scenes not seen by folks that have not gone up Sarikei's tallest building, the newer Sarikei District Council building and the only building with lifts.

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade 2007.

Find the Sarikei pineapple logo on the rail.

Picture 1 showed that there was only 1 ferry for the Bintagor crossing in 2002. With 2 ferries, how do you avoid collision? Well, 0ne goes left and the other goes right. The ferry going against the current has to use its motor power and then wind down its power to let the river current sweep it to its jetty, roughly like a V-shaped route. Fluid dymanics, anyone? I think the current flows downstream from Nyelong Park to Rejang River (East to West in the picture), correct?

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade 2007 - zen squares

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade 2007
Laying of granite in progress.
UFOs, pls land here.

Sarikei Nyelong Esplanade 2007

Does anyone know whether the Nyelong River Esplande has officially opened as it was still under construction in Feb 2007? It was impressive. Attention to details could be seen in the Sarikei Pineapple logo in the custom designed railings, modern lightings, zen inspired spheres and squares, 3 rest pavilions, benches, dustbins, well pruned shrubs and landscaping. This type of new initaive built on empty land is welcomed by Sarikei deninzens but not those type where heritage icons are torn down to build new shops.

Did I mention that the artsy toilet is part of the impressive line up? Please hold your bladder till the next post as we'll peep inside the loo. If you can't hold, click on the toilet label below.


Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome to all the new readers. I know there are new readers because there's a spike in readers opening the older posts and posting comments at the older posts. I think this website gets more readers after I left a few comments at some blogs by Sarikei blogs and then friends tell more friends by emails.

I also found that someone has added this website to wikipedia's entry on Sarikei. It's a pleasant surpise. Thanks.

Ah Hu said...

Hi Daniel,

I'm from Sarikei (Jalan Muhibah) but currently working in Singapore. It's great to have your blog to remind myself & others of our humble & beloved hometown.

How can I contribute Sarikei photos? Can I email to you & what's your address? Another question is how you configured the HTML to include background image (old shoplots) for your blog?

Thanks, ahu.

'dino' said...

home sweet home...huhu

Daniel Yiek said...

Ah Hu,
I look fwd to sarikei and old. My email address is in my profile

I cant remember how I did the photo background but my template is the classic one which is not applicabe to your new type.
You can get help at

also see

ront said...

ok...spent a few days reading thru all your entries. it has been very interesting indeed! keep up the good work...will try and comment with whatever info I have.

apart from the teachers......who else are notable persons who were born and raised in skei?

Daniel Yiek said...

Keep the comments coming. I read thru all comments as comments will go into my hotmail directly.

Beside the teachers, Other notable folks from the old days:

1. Chang Siew Fa (Sarawak Chief Justice - correct title? Also an ex-teacher)
2. Chang Siew Chiang (ex-politician; also ex-teacher)
3. ex-Sarawak Gov, Tun Haji Openg
4. Janet Lee Chai Xia (singer)
5. Malaysia Basketballer "Longman" Ah Kueng from Anthony's Class of 1979
6. Malaysia volleyballer "Ah Chuang" from Anthony's class of 1982 and several other lady players.

And ofcos... all the other Sarikei folks who work in other cities simply because there are not enough opportunities in Sarikei. Sarikei continues to churn out talent though.

ront said...

that was meant to be a suggestion if you decide to have entries abt some notable ppl...past and present.


Kanga said...

Do the locals still call this area as 'port of glass'? Is the wharf still there? It used to berth the piloting tug boats (guiding vessels into Tanjong Manis and up river) and navy & water police vessels.
Nyelong River brings back fond memories. There were a few longhouses up river ( I had visited two in my very young days). Ibans used to paddle boats up & down this river. My farm was along one of the tributries up river. My family used to own a long boat with an 18 HP outboard motor for transportation. Farmers brought pepper, rubber, & other products to town via this river before road transport took over. It would be memorable for me to have a walk along this area in my next trip to Sarikei.

Daniel Yiek said...

The wharf is still there. The marine police wharf is also there but the old ferry jetty has been demolished as it was dilapidated. Rotten wood, etc. Now there's a plank for sampans to land. I spoke to a native lady there who was waiting for her hubby to come back from crab fishing in the tributary in the opposite bank. Wow, I never knew there was a tributary there till she pointed out.

BurungHelang said...

Used to fish "Wong Gak" along the river bank with my brothers. Watch out for the swarms of mosquitoes at sun down.

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