Saturday, May 12, 2007

Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade Toilet

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade 2007.
Source: Chie Lang
Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade, Feb 2007.
Caution: Men at work.
That's the Bintangor ferry queue, not the toilet queue.
Source: Chie Lang

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade 2007.
View from Sarikei District Office tower.
Find the orange roofed toilet at the end of the esplanade (near the old jetty)
Note the intersection of Nyelong River with Rejang River (top of pic).

Sarikei Nyelong River 2007.
View from Sarikei District Office tower.
Find Nyelong Park in distant background.
Spot the second telecom tower.

o you held your bladder and found the designer toilet at the end of the Nyelong River esplanade. What is the fuss about this toilet with floral and fruity paintings that was featured in last year's blog? Yours truly took a tour of duty to investigate one of the biggest "mysteries" of recent times in Sarikei.

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade 2007
Aahhh! Found the toilet! Relief at last!

What's outside counts!
Source of 2nd picture: Chie Lang

OK, the facade was astounding with gaudily painted flowers and fruits. The toilet attendant waived the RM$0.20 entry fee for me to sniff around. She proudly proclaimed that she has the cleanest public toilet in town versus those at the Rejang River, hawker centres and the parks. She said that she ate her lunches at her counter. No problem.

Outside score: 9/10 including 1 bonus point for artistic expression.

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade Toilet 2007
What's inside counts!

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade Toilet 2007
Dry and clean.

What's the inside story? Well, it has nice tiles, granite tops, floral patterns on the floor and good ventilation resulting in dry and clean floors. There are also auto air refreshers, clean urinals and bowls, working taps and flushes.

Inside score: 7/10. Minus 1 point for the empty toilet roll and for not hiding the mop bucket.

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade 2006
View from the designer toilet.
Source: Lam Lai Chee

Final words of toilet graffiti wisdom: If you can't sleep, count sheep. If you can't poop, count the number of imaginary ferry crossings and go with the river "flow".


Sim Y said...

Minus another point for the toilet doors. They are white colour and quality does not match the interior.

Don't tell me they run out of budget.

Ikan Sembilang said...

Wow, the Sg Nyelong side of Sarikei has indeed totally changed beyond recognition. Thanks to Chie Lang and Daniel for taking those photos and posting them on the blog. Looking at the photos is like taking a trip down the memory lane! I can see that the Po Lay Kang ( Glass River) is now no longer an ugly duckling it once was a few decades ago.
The tributary mentioned by Daniel is located on the right hand side of Sg Nyelong just before its confluence with the Rejang River. In my good young days, the little tributary was my favourite place for catching mud crabs, using tangkul baited with salted fish. There were so many crabs in the tributary that very often when you pulled up the tangkul, you would find two big crabs inside the trap. A word of warning to those of you who are thinking of going there to catch crabs- before entering the tributary, you should rub your face and any exposed part of your body with a lot of Minyak Kapak ! While there are lots of crabs in the tributary, there are lots of mosquitos too!!

Daniel Yiek said...

I agree with Sim that the toilet doors seem to be of lower quality compared to its ambience. By the way, this upgrading of Nyelong River is bugetted from the 9th Malaysia Plan.

Daniel Yiek said...

Sarikei's floral toilet won the best 2008 public toilet managed by a District Council in Malaysia.

I found the nomination at (with pics):

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