Monday, May 28, 2007

Scenes - Sarikei Petrol Stations

Sarikei Shell, Wharf Rd,1975.
By the Rejang River. Check out the old car.

Sarikei Shell and Esso, Wharf Rd, 2005.
By the Rejang River.
Source: Petre

Sarikei Shell and Esso, Wharf Rd, 2007.
By the Rejang River. Find the taxi.

here would you go when you needed to pump petrol in the 1950s-1960s? Well, you would head down to the beginning of Repok Road next to the Rejang River where the only petrol station then, Shell, stood. The Shell there is franchised by Wong Yuk Siew which is also the name of the company. The Esso next to it came later. Esso has been replaced by Excel. This was the location of the main wharf with a retail shop called Tai Kam.

Sarikei Shell, Repok Road (next to Rex), 2007

The second Shell station next to Rex cinema was set up in the 1970s. It is very close to the first one at the Rejang River (less than 1 minute away by car!). The third Shell station was built next to the town's welcome and bon voyage gantry in the late 1990s.

Sarikei Petronas 2007 (across Sarikei River)
With increasing affluence came the car population growth. Petronas decided to join in the party in 2005-2006 with 2 stations - one at the Sarikei-Kuching coach terminal and another at the new residential area across the Sarikei River near the new mega hospital. Did I miss any other petrol stations? Total 6, right?

Towkay (boss), is it diesel or high octane gas for you? Oh, you are here for the free tyre air.


Lidasar said...

The corner shop on the 1st block of Repok Left, now is a coffee shop but previously it was the office of the Shell operator and they were the agent for one of the Chinese news paper too. How many of you knows the small warehouse beside the Chinese Chamber of commerce also belongs to the Shell operator too?

Daniel Yiek said...

Lidasar is correct. I checked thru an old tel directory, Wong Yuk Siew is listed at No#1 Wharf Rd.

Originally it was Tong Ee sundry shop..according to my friend in Sarikei. The coffeeshop is now called New Eastern Cafe ("Sin Dong Fang") opposite the original Eastern Cafe (at corner of Bank Rd)

I have always wondered who owned that little storeroom next to the Chamber of Commerce. My Sarikei friend told me before in Hokkien but I just couldnt register the name and hence I didnt post the pic of the storeroom (yes, i had a pic of it:)).

Kanga said...

In the eraly days, the petrol stations next to the wharf had provided very convenient service (fuel for the outboard motors) to the farmers using boats for transporting their farm products. My family and many others had benefited from the service of these two stations.
I seemed to recall that one of these stations used to have a different logo (a flying horse?) Can anyone confirm?

Ahu said...

I've been and gonna be far away from Sarikei for a long time. Thanks for keeping the memories alive via your blog. Keep up the good work.

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