Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scenes - Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1: 1991-2007

Sarikei Wharf T1, 1991
Find the taxi and goods trolley at the entrance
Source: Government magazine

t was with a tinge of excitement when I found this 1991 picture because I could not remember how the interim wharf or harbour terminal 1 looked like. This was officially opened on 1 Sept 1991 together with the Rejang River Esplanade to spruce up the area. This interim terminal was just a simple open shed. The 4 portions of the terminal one bridge was retained.

Sarikei Wharf T1, 1991
Customs building and warehouses in the background
Find the anchor point at the left.
Source: Government magazine

Sarikei Wharf T1 esplanade, 1991
Spot the beautiful Whard Road shophouses.
Source: Government magazine

Sarikei Wharf T1 Esplanade, 1991
Makan Angin; Free breeze.
Find the seafood market
Source: Government magazine

Sarikei Wharf T1, view from Rejang River, 2006.
The shorter bridge now has only 2 portions.

Sarikei Wharf T1, 2007.
Find the ship at the top of the building.

The present Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1 building was opened on 14 April 2001, about 10 years after the interim harbour. Sarikei could only build the humble interim harbour due to budget limitation. The present Terminal one was built over the mangrove bank and its floor area extended out to the Rejang River. This shortened the Rejang River bridge by half and the romance of the longer bridge was gone.

Do you still harbour (pun not intended) an infatuation for the older bridge?


Daniel Yiek said...

New readers:

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Ikan Semilang said...

I have located Hedda’s photo and would send a copy to Daniel. It is interesting to compare the photo taken by her in 1947/1948 with the government magazine photo no.2 and see the remarkable changes at the Sarikei waterfront over the last 40-50 years. The two pictures show totally different sceneries. There were no express boats in her days; instead you can see that sampans and motor launches were the only means of river transport in those days. Notice something in the river which appears in both pictures. It is the old concrete mooring dolphin,which has served the Sarikei port well for more than half a century. I don’t know whether it has now ‘retired’ or is still being used by vessels berthing at the RPA wharf. Maybe someone in Sarikei can tell us.

Daniel Yiek said...

Ikan Sembilang,
Received with thanks! She's a very prolific photographer for her time. Very well travelled too. Her negatives of the photos of many countries in Asia were well preserved from what I read on the websites.

Akan datang in the next post on Sunday. Wait lah. The other 3 photos from 1947-48 (not related to the wharf) will be in another post. Hint: they show rural life.

Anonymous said...

good work daniel keep it up!!

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