Friday, July 06, 2007

Sarikei Furniture Row 2007

Sarikei Furniture Row 2007.
View from Sarikei District Office.
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row of shops have started to stake claims as the furniture hub of Sarikei. There are at least 3 stores there. This picture from our tallest building (the newer Sarikei District Office) shows the 3 blocks. The Nyelong River is at the left of the picture, Nyelong Park is at top left corner and Repok Road is to the east. Find the hilly areas in the background. Check out the gangly decorative trees in front of the yellow block

Sarikei Furniture Row 2007.

Sarikei Furniture Shop 2007.
Where did these strange looking sofa come from?

In the 50-70s, there were really not many choices when folks shopped for furniture (not many people can afford anything beyond basic functional furniture anyway). For better furniture, people went to Sibu to shop. The more affluent Sibu still has much fancier furniture shops than Sarikei. For the last 10 years, people had taken the opportunity to splurge on new furniture as they moved to new houses.

Sarikei Mammoth 2007

Sarikei Mammoth 2007.
What's hot and what's cooking?

Mammoth chain store opened in Sarikei around 2004-5 with its standard bold yellow and red colours. It even has aggressive advertising brochures and flyers to furnish you with the latest promotions. Sarikei folks have aspirations like any other people. Having a nice roof over your head with creature comforts is one of the aspirations. If you can't afford cash upfront, there's hire purchase payment by instalments.

Sarikei Mammoth 2007

Sarikei Mammoth 2007.
Check out the prices.

Planning a change of furniture? What is the new theme of your home? Contemporary? Country style? Which colour? Huh? Your family can't come to a consensus? Sounds familiar. Well, you can table a family discussion with you as the chair person. Sofa, so good?

Updated: Mammoth closed down in April 2009


sarikei boleh said...

sarikei IKEAs

Lidasar said...

I don’t know this furniture shops are but I remember the "furniture for the descended" shop at the back of the shop which is opposite to Shanghai Book store. The front of the shop was selling shoes and clock, the coffin shop was right behind and above it was an opium den.

ront said...

those wooden sofas.....without the paddings its quite cooling to sit on.....but i wonder if the real purpose is to deter your guest8s) from staying too long.....its not exactly comfortable after a while sitting on it...due to the lack of paddings..

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