Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre at Merdeka Park

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 1991
Find the fruit and vege market in the background
Merdeka Park now sits there.
The transparent rain shelter was added in the late 80s.
Source: Government Magazine

our stomach groaned with hunger. Where would you head to if you didn't want the usual kopitiam (coffeshop) fare of kampua noodle, etc. Well, head to the hawker food centre. This hawker centre had been around since the late 60s' to early 70's after it relocated from the Rex cinema area.

The hot (literally) favourite had to be the stall owned by the Cantonese "Ah Zhen" (left corner stall in picture) and his chow mein (fried noodles) and chow mi feng (fried mee hoon). Now his son operates in the same new hawker centre (also a corner stall). The right corner stall in the picture (owned by a Foochow, I think) also knew how to cook a mean dish of fried noodles and other zhu cha dishes ("cook fry"). Slurp! Other favourite stalls served cuttlefish kangkong vegetable (yu hu eng chai) salad (started by a Cantonese lady who used to babysit me) and desserts (chendol, etc).

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2004
Left side of building.

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, Jan 2006
Front view from Merdeka Park Fountain.
Before the murals were painted.

The new hawker centre was completed on 2 September 2004 but was left empty while more internal work took place. Around mid Jan 2006, some creative folks were hired to add life to the walls by painting nature on 4 sides of the building. Talk about the art of eating!? Locals and tourists liked to take photos with the walls as the background. It's a zoo out there. Here we go....

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2007
Front view from Merdeka Park Fountain.
Take a walk on the wild side. Find the murals.

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2007
Front left side. Islands in the stream.
Find the water meters.

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2007
Front right side. Monkey business.
Find the slow loris and proboscis monkey.

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2007
Left side story. Fruitful day?
Search for the dragon fruit and mangoosteen.

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2007
Right side. Flights of fancy.
Spot the owl before it spots you.

Sarikei Hawker Food Centre, 2007
Find the public toilet entrance and notice board
Back side. That fire hose is not your bidet!
Find the Payang Puri Hotel block.

The hawker centre has a clean fee based toilet at the backside (pun not intended) of the building. The Sarawak motifs and floral mural remind you to make a nature's call.

Enough of all the arts? It's judgement day. Mural, mural on the wall, who's the fairest of all? Which side's painting do you like best?


Daniel Yiek said...

I think this is not the first hawker centre because the small one next to the fish and seafood market is the first building to house hawker food (though serving mainly breakfast and tea), agree? The hawkers in the 1950-60s at the Rex cinema are standalone hawker stalls not housed in a building.

Sim Y said...

Wow. I did not passby this area when I was in Sarikei recently. I guess next time go by foot on every street.

BurungHelang said...

The 炒煮面 from one of the stalls here is heavenly.

noodle man said...

i know ah sua moved to lai lai (opposite sugar bun) but his cousin ah cheng moved fr hiek lik to this open air. his fried noodles mix with hiek lik kampua --> heavenly noodles. =) that's a secret recipe!

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