Sunday, July 15, 2007

Scenes - Sarikei country homes. Part 2

Sarikei country home with pond, 2007.
Reflections of the past.
Source: ST Lau

The most famous country home in Sarikei has to be this one with its own pond near to Sekolah Tinggi. It has been making waves and turning heads since it was built in the 1960s simply because by Sarikei's humble standards, this home owner already knew then how to appreciate the calming and therapeutic effects of water when others were still trying to make a living and would be just glad to have a simple roof over their heads.

Sarikei country home, 2007.
Pretty in pink.
Source: ST Lau

The pond was better maintained then with more features around it. The house was nicer and more rustic in the old days. The glazed windows have different coloured panels if you take a closer look. My Lower 6 classmate lived there but I didn't really get to know and mix with his group from Sekolah Tinggi in the short year before I went to Sydney for studies. I heard that he held BBQs around the pond during his Sekolah Tinggi days.

Sarikei country home, 2007.
Count the pomelos on the tree.
Source: ST Lau

Around the house, there are fruit trees. Interestingly, there's a pomelo tree, a less common fruit tree in people's backyard.

Sarikei country home, 2007.
Rock Steady.
Source: ST Lau

In the 1970s, it's easy to remember just about every house along Repok Road as you headed towards Jakar. Does this familiar house in Sarikei's countryside trigger homing instincts in you now? Most folks working overseas will say, "Oh, it's still there. I remember it vividly"


Neko chan said...

Love ur pictures of sarikei....been ther many times wen i was a seldom already....i bet it changed alot ther..hope to go there again...^^

Daniel Yiek said...

Subject: can contribute photos to sarikei-time-capsule?
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 10:11:45 -0300
From: (email address deleted)

A few days back, a bunch of us were chatting and your website was one of the topic hangat being talked about.

My friends propose to contribute photos we took of sarikei. Here are some photos took recently.
Hope they are are suitable to be included into the capsule.

Jimmy Ong


Thanks for the pics! Different people view Sarikei with different angles so we all take different all pics are welcome. If a topic has been blogged before, the pics will still be useful in future posts. I have some ideas on how to use your pics in future posts.

It's good to know that this blog was a conversational topic among S'kei folks working outside S'kei. S'kei folks will identify with S'kei and will always be passionate about our home town.

bonglee said...

Sarikei really brings lots of sweet & sour memory to me. Correct me if I am wrong,the picture of the farm house with pond near Sekolah tinggi belong to an oldman whom we call "cowboy" when we were young. He used to collect grass to feed his cow.

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