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Scenes - Sarikei St Anthony's School's Badges and Magazines

Anthonian Badges
Source: 1974 Anthonian

The first Anthonian badge was designed on a rectangular piece of cloth and was used with the school uniform then from 1968-1970. The second badge (1971-1973) was introduced with a new uniform. It has the same design as the first except that it was a circular piece of metal with a safety pin behind. Do you remember the holes it left on your uniform? These 2 old badges were designed with respect to the old Sarawak flag. The 3rd badge was designed by the 1974 Anthonian arts editor, Cyril Wong, because of the formation of new Sarawak flag. Can anyone send me a picture of the current badge to post here. Do you remember been punished by your teacher for forgetting your badge? Of course, your perfect prefect reported you.

Anthonian Magazine covers 1969-1976.
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Source: 1984 Anthonian

In 1969, the inaugural issue of St Anthony's School magazine, the Anthonian, was completely printed in house at the school. It was a modest 100-page black and white magazine and was financed by advertisements collected by the magazine committee. Its first editor was a lady, Elizabeth Chai. All school magazine covers were creatively done by the arts editors. By the 4th copy in 1972, the Anthonian was printed completely by an external press. My oldest copy of the Anthonian is 1974's. I believe our school has kept all the older copies or else the 1984 magazine team would not have these pictures.

Anthonian Magazine covers 1977-1984
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Source: 1984 Anthonian

In 1979 (11th issue), limited number of colour pages (much more expensive) were introduced mainly for staff and class photos. In 1984 (16th issue), only 2 additional coloured pages were added for informal pages. I was privileged to be the 1981 magazine chairman and learned about project management the hard way. Planning, budgeting and delegating sub projects to photographers, advertising committee, arts editors, etc was not something taught in class. The final stack of pages sent to the press were hand typed (no computer then) and sticky from the gum used for the photos. The ads were literally cut and pasted (no computer graphics) from other sources.

Now, honestly answer this question. Do you cringe when you look at your geeky high school photos in the school magazines and the cheeky Form 5 profiles written about the nerdy you?


Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome to the new readers (teachers and students from St Anthony's). Thanks to the teacher who emailed that Mdm. Hii Su Hee, my former teacher, had a retirement dinner last evening and she remembers me. :) Times flies! I'm forever grateful to the school's staff for my years at the school!

Daniel Yiek said...

Sekolah Tinggi readers,
I found some content on your school. Stay tuned.

stlau said...

They do keep a copy of all the magazines. Maybe get a couple Form 5 students to put them in e-files and post here for download. We should do this for other Sarikei schools as well.

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