Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Food - Sarikei Keranji

Sarawak keranji fruit
Sarawak Foresty

Keranji is one of Sarawak's exotic local fruits. I have not seen it anywhere outside Sarawak. What are the other local names for this? It's has a brittle skin so it would be a hassle to export...but never say never. Is its colour purple before plucking from the tree as shown?

Sarikei Keranji, 2007

Now they are sold by weighing (kg). In the 1960-70s before the metric system of measurement was introduced, hawkers would sell this via measuring cylinders called a chupak or cupak. A cupak is about the size of those small common blue or red plastic containers that people used to scoop water from a pail from bathing (there's no shower head in the old days let alone a bath tub).

Sarikei Keranji, 2007
Plastic fantastic.

The black shell cracks easily to reveal a delightful black paste that surrounds a seed. Paste taste test? Well, the taste is a bit like creamy caramel plus powdery raisin with a hint of sourness. The paste teases your tastebuds and lingers on your tongue and before you know it, you will finish the whole bag.

Sarawak Keranji 2007
Source: Chen

Open sesame. Here's Sarawak's black beauty.


Daniel Yiek said...

I'm in KL now and chose an easy post to write. Whenever I see how congested and chaotic KL is, I think we don't appreciate enough of the small town charm, greenery and cleanliness of Sarikei. BTW, I cant find keranji here.

Kanga said...

Its a lovely fruit and it tastes unique. Thank you Daniel for the photos otherwise I would never know that it looks purple on trees.

Nelson said...

u waste a lot of time for traffic in KL
a lot of money on food, accommodation, entertainment and even parking!

i pity govern servants. i couldn't find dabai here too.

Chen said...

I can't find buah keranji outside Sarawak.

ongzi said...

keranji can be found in semenanjung oso....
up to neighbouring thailand

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