Thursday, September 13, 2007

Food - Sarikei Sago Grub Part II

Has anyone tested sago grubs? What do they the taste like?

Imagine your self living in a sea of food (sago). Life is good for these sago grubs (click for previous post). They live to eat, not eat to live. Click the "Play" button twice below.


Daniel Yiek said...

I posted this short and late post while travelling.

Enjoy this food.

Lidasar said...

If we give a little creativity in the preparation who says it could not be ‘Foie gras’ of the East? Again I would probably think eating it raw still gives out the best taste.

Daniel Yiek said...


RM4B Allocation Big Boost For Development In Sarawak, Says Taib

Abdul Taib said he would ensure that there would be equal development and progress in both the urban and rural areas, and especially in its mid-region areas covering the Bintulu, Mukah, Sibu, Sarikei and Kapit divisions.

He said that compared to the southern and northern regions, the mid-region, due to peat soil conditions, was less developed and, as such, would be given more emphasis by the government.

Sim Y said...

Election is coming.

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