Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenes - Across Sarikei River. Part 1

Sarikei Map 2004
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After you have crossed the Sarikei River bridge (completed in 1997), you will cross path with the legendary Iban warrior, Panglima Rentap, uh..., I mean the road named after him, Jalan Rentap. Rentap fought fearlessly against the Brooke regime in 3 big battles in 1857, 1858 and 1861 at Bukit Sadok, Ulu Layar, in Betong division.

Across Sarikei River, 2007

The government has decided to open up land for development by building a bridge across the historic Sarikei River (hint: more amazing history to be revealed in future posts) and providing low cost land for housing and commercial projects.

Across Sarikei River, 2007

Just after the bridge is Kampung Seberang. The roads branching off Jalan Rentap are named after flowers (Allamanda, Ixora, Cempaka, Melor, Pedada, Rambai, Bunga Raya). There's a mix of newer kampung houses and low cost housing.

Across Sarikei River, 2007

Then comes a group of roads branching off Jalan Rentap named after fruits (cempedak, dabai, langsat, mangga, manggis, nangka and pisang emas). You will find much newer terrace houses along these stretches. Some owners have spent considerable thoughts in the design of their bungalows and semi-detached houses.

Across Sarikei River, 2007

Look at these new terrace houses with their nice designs and bright paint. Now you know why Sarikei has a row of furniture shops including the Mammoth chain store. New houses have to be furnished with new furniture - out with the old stuff. Give yourself an excuse to splurge on a treat after decades of hard work and frugal lifestyle.

Across Sarikei River, 2007

This corner terrace house has a big compund and all they grow are these fancy ornamental palms, probably for commercial purposes. Very eye catching.

Across Sarikei River, 2007

If you are overseas earning a bigger currency but living in a simple flat or apartment, Sarikei is calling you to reverse the brain drain or pump back some investment. You get to design your own simple lifestyle, have a nice garden, drive a re-conditioned ("re-cond" in local jargon) car, enjoy Astro satellite TV and meet friends at your favourite kopitiam haunt within 10mins of a phone call. How's that?


Ikan Sembilang said...

I've come across some evidence that seems to suggest that the town of Sarikei derived its name from its river, Sg Sarikei. My guess is that the local Malays or Ibans had given the name to the sungai long before any Chinese came to settle in Sarikei.

Daniel Yiek said...

Reader ST Lau and I have been doing some research too. It's true that Sarikei or Sarikei River got its name from Siriki but where does the word Siriki or Serikye come from? There were several versiond of the spelling.

I have checked an Iban dictionary and a reader also asked his parents whether there's a similar sounding word in Iban. I checked a Malay kamus too. It led to no where. Does anyone know a similar sounding Iban or Malay or Kayan word? It's very likely linked to nature eg: plant, fruit or animal, etc as it was the old days in mid 1800s. I'm researching some last clues...any ideas, pls email.

Kanga said...

This part of Sarikei is totally new to me. I have been through this area a few times in friend's car.

Nice houses. May be the roads could be a little bit better. however a 4WD should fix that! going back to Sarikei to retire? nice thought!

Daniel Yiek said...

I am close to a hypothesis on how the name Sarikei came about. I believe it's the name of a plant that was used by the Dyaks (this was how the Dayak term was spelled) and Malays in the 1800s. Stay tuned...cant reveal too much now while I check the facts. That post will be the start of a series of posts documenting the 1800s of Sarikei.

Lidasar said...

The bridge project over the Sarikei River was abandon by the 1st developer and I heard the Sarikei’s celebrated Engineer Mr.Tiong Hong Ming came to the rescue and took over the project and completed it.

I was told the state assembly man distributed land parcel for house free to cronies who doesn’t own property but again they could claim under their wife or children name, what a smart way of getting round obstacles. You could see those houses immediately after you passes the Malay houses by the bridge. I was asked to submit my IC to claim a piece but again I wasn't interested to live with cronies of the Barisan surrounding.

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