Friday, September 21, 2007

Scenes - Across Sarikei River. Part 2

Flats cross Sarikei River 2004

Flats across Sarikei River 2004

Flats across Sarikei River 2007

As you explore the areas around Jalan Rentap, you will find a mixture of terrace houses, semi-detached and bungalows. There are also lower cost flats where people live in close proximity with neighbours with shared staircases (no elevators and hence the highest is 4 storeys).

Across Sarikei River 2007.New Basketball Stadium at Jalan Jambu.

Across Sarikei River 2007.New Basketball Stadium at Jalan Jambu.

Then you stumble upon the new basketball stadium (completed 2005) at Jalan Jambu area. That's a long way from downtown to put the new basketball stadium. Competitions and official functions will not have big audience because there's no downtown captive audience like the demolished downtown stadium next to the Civic Centre (old padang). Can anyone confirm that the old basketball stadium had to be demolished to make way for new shops because its land lease was going to expire?

Across Sarikei River 2007.Low cost housing and park at Jalan Jambu.

Across Sarikei River 2007.New shops at Jalan Jambu

The Jalan Jambu area was busy in the evening with people playing and strolling in the park. Suburbian folks could be seen enjoying makan angin on their motorbikes without helmuts. New and colorful shops were up but they do not have the charm of the old shophouses in downtown.

Across Sarikei River 2007.The tail end of Jalan Rentap.

The end of the paved section of Jalan Rentap ends abruptly but a worn out path has already been beaten. If you proceed straight, you will reach the lower Rejang River which curves around this piece of land. Probably in future, I guess there's will be a jetty, Terminal 3, at this end for loading and unloading goods to and from Tanjung Manis into the light industrial zone in this area. Check out Google Earth's satellite map of Sarikei under label "View" if you can't visualize my explanation.

Is the the end of the road for Jalan Rentap? No, it's just the beginning of the end of the last stretch of Jalan Rentap.


Daniel Yiek said...

I was exploring Jalan Rentap on a bicycle when the pedal broke right at the end of the paved section! I literally walked the entire stretch of Jalan Rentap to the Sugar Bun area. It's really very long. You cant appreciate this in a car.

Kanga said...

Bicycle in Sarikei? I could hardly find them any more.

NELSON said...

next to the basketball court is a go-kart ring. by the way, there is another basketball court(open-air one), also next to the indoor basketball stadium.

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