Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scenes - Across Sarikei River. Part 5

Across Sarikei River 2007.
Jalan Rentap.

There's a telecom tower across Sarikei River. "Hello? Anyone out there?" You can not complain that there's no cell phone signal here.

Across Sarikei River 2007.
Jalan Rentap.

And its own water tanks. These are a thinner version of the original metallic water tank at Taman Tasik (Lake Gardens) opposite the Resident's Place.

Across Sarikei River 2007.
Jalan Rentap.

Across Sarikei River 2007.
Jalan Rentap.

There's a farm right next to Jalan Rentap with the typical Chinese country home and growling dog. It has its own pepper vines and Bintangor oranges growing in the peat swamp soil. Check out the wet soil around the trees.
Across Sarikei River 2007.
Jalan Rentap.

At the end of Jalan Rentap is a group of lanes (lorong) named after birds in Malay (Kenyalang, Rajawali, Enggang, Nuri, Merpati, Pipit, Kaka). Does anyone recall the classic Malay nursery song, Burung Kaka Tua? This group of lanes is the low cost light industrial area. You can find a factory full of ceramic toilet bowls (that can flush away a lot of poop), Lim's mechanic parts, Malaysian car (Perodua) agency, bus service industry, concrete industry, etc. That's really the boring part.

Now head back to Jalan Rentap. You won't miss the Apollo Ice cream factory. This Cantonese owned ice cream distributor has installed ice cream fridges in retail stores as far as Betong in return for selling his ice cream. Now the big boys like Wall's ice cream are more than keen to work with him. Do you remember the old days when the ice cream vendor came on his bicycle ringing his bell to signal the time you had been waiting for all day in your home? And those frozen colourful cordial drinks in long plastic bags tied with a rubber band?


stlau said...

Daniel, you missed something interesting across the river. A huge bird house - go check out. I think there is an outdoor food-court too - very popular at night. Thought I saw something like "pizza"?? No pizza in Sarikei.

nelson said...

zan's pizza i supposed. =)

it's right after the bridge, still a long way to go to apollo ice-cream factory

John said...

Hi..i enjoy reading your blogs and that's my "Kakilang" ..same surname "Lu"and my ex-classmate..she 'll be happy to know her house are posted online..hehe

Daniel Yiek said...

I'm in Sarikei now enjoying local food.

Visited the cemetry on a small hill at 1.5mile at Jalan Ranyong 南洋路, just after Jalan Durian. This is a smaller one compared to the 2.5mile cemetry. Mostly used by Cantonese (from Xin Hui district) and a few Hokkien. The older graves do not reveal any clues because the tombstones are just a belian stick each and the words are all gone...and a few broken urns. The refurbished ones are made of cement and the earliest ones indicate the year of reburbishment and the year of the person at Min Kuo nineteen [民國一九].

I believe the earliest Chinese graves were at the graves on the hill (now flattened) opposite Methodist Church.

Ikan Sembilang said...

At the time when we ‘discovered’ the cemetery, the words on the tombstones were still clearly visible. With many tombstones dating back to the years of the late Qing dynasty, I believe it could be one of the earliest, if not the earliest, Chinese cemeteries in Sarikei. I had also been to the old cemetery opposite to the Methodist Church before the hill was flattened. There were a few Malay graves in there. It was not a Chinese cemetery.
I am reading a book by Rajah Charles Brooke. According to him, in June 1859, the Resident of Sarikei district, Mr. Fox and another Rajah’s officer, Steele, were killed by the Dyaks in Kanowit and their heads taken. Their headless bodies were brought back to Sarikei and buried near the Sarikei fort. It is interesting to find out from the local Malays where was the fort located.

Lidasar said...

The cemetery on a small hill at 1.5mile at Jalan Ranyong 南洋路, just after Jalan Durian and right behind the house belonging to the Wong family (one of the son was a Methodist’s School Teacher). This is the earliest cemetery for the Cantonese and Hokkien. The Cantonese removed the urns from the old cemetery and reburial them at their new Cemetery in Bulat 7-mile. The Sarikei’s Catonese custom is to dig up the casket after a few years and the bones is kept inside an urn for reburial.

The new cemetery for the Catonese in 7-mile is within a piece of 40 acres of old rubber plantation that was bought by the Cantonese association from The Chan 廣合興 Kwong Hup Hin for $40,000.00 during the time when communist were active.

maggiemeecurry_pat3cia said...

I wan appollo ice cream tel no

Daniel Yiek said...

sorry, don't have the tel#.

Address is Lot 1767, Jalan Rentap, Light Industrial Estate, Sarikei, Sarawak, 96100

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