Monday, October 08, 2007

Scenes - Across Sarikei River. Part 6. Kampung Seberang

Sarikei River, Oct 2007.
Upstream from the Sarikei River Bridge.

If you follow Jalan Masjid Lama from the Sugar Bun block towards Sarikei River, you will reach the Sarikei River bridge. The old wooden mosque (now demolished) was situated at the Sugar Bun block. That's why it's called Jalan Masjid Lama (Old Mosque Road).

Sarikei Kampung Seberang, Oct 2007.

Just across the bridge is the new kampung (Malay residential village) area called Kampung Seberang (Village Across (the river)). People have moved in since 1998. The first road that branches off the main road (Jalan Rentap) is Jalan Ixora. A creative sign made of a truck tyre proudly proclaims this sub area as Kampung Ixora.

Sarikei Kampung Seberang, Oct 2007.

Sarikei Kampung Seberang, Oct 2007.

Sarikei Kampung Seberang, Oct 2007.

Sarikei Kampung Seberang, Oct 2007.

This time of the year witnesses many Malay houses undergoing a fresh coat of paint for their upcoming big festival, Hari Raya. The kampung houses here are nicely done up and this area is the new hip area to move into.

Sarikei Kampung Seberang soccer fields, Oct 2007.

The 2 soccer fields in Ixora Road now have real goal posts. Initially, soccer players play among the long grass with make shift goal posts. You can see from the dead patches of grass that these fields are very popular in the evening when the sun is more forgiving.

Sarikei Kampung Seberang jetty, Oct 2007.

For non-soccer players, they head towards the end of Ixora Road to try their luck fishing. You can catch fishes the size of your palm and big prawns.

Sarikei Rejang River view from Kampung Seberang jetty, Oct 2007.

The view is serene with nipah palms and mangrove trees. Occasionally, an express boat will zoom past and leave a trail of waves. As the waves hit the muddy bank, mudskippers, kamat (local small black crabs) and fiddler craps will scurry away from the water.

Sarikei View from Kampung Seberang, Oct 2007.
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At the jetty, turn your head to your right and you will see this familiar view. "Excuse me, have I seen you from somewhere before?"


Daniel Yiek said...

I'm back from the less hectic life of Sarikei to the rat race of Singapore.

Nyelong River esplanade is now complete. Even more exciting news: the Meranti bridge across Nyelong River has started work at the end of Meranti Road (the newer road after Nyelong Park). Huge cement sections are already at the construction site which is off limit to visitors.

Daniel Yiek said...

Lidasar left a very interesting comment at the old posts of the 1937 Sarikei Chinese Chamber of Commerce and identified 2 of the 3 men in the 1937 pic:

Kanga said...

Great photos! This is the part of my hometown I hardly have time and opportunity to explore (what an excuse!)The view approaching Sarikei from the right by river is magic to me. Thank you Daniel

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