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Scenes - Sarikei District Council

Sarikei District Council, circa 1968.
Note that the road was not paved.
Source: Halamanku

When you want to pay bills, who do you gonna visit? Sarikei District Council (SDC). How many of you remember this old SDC building that was fronted by a nice wall of bamboo like shrubs? Do you recall those benches around the padang (field)?

Sarikei District Council, circa 1968.
Find the bag on the bicycle.
Source: Halamanku.

Sarikei District Council was established on 1st Jan 1955 under the Local Authority Ordinance. The council is headed by a chairman and deputy chairman. The secretary of the council heads six sections.

Find the flags and observe the round and rectangular windows.

Sarikei District Council, mid 1980-1990s

Now spot the difference between the new and old building of similar size. Does anyone know whether the old SDC was torn down or whether only the facade was replaced? The new SDC was completed in 1995 and has only 1 pointed roof instead of 2. A rain shelter has been built in front of the lobby. The windows have also changed to a more modern look. The bamboo like hedge has been replaced by a metal fence.

Sarikei District Council logo.
Source: Sarikei District Council

The SDC logo has our town's modern icon, the pineapple, against the backdrop of diamond shapes.

Sarikei District Council, circa 1986.
Before the Civic Centre was built in 1987.
Source: Sarikei District Council

Do you prefer the new building or do you like the old heritage building? Sarikei is in a mode to show progress with modern buildings but when a town gets more affluent, the denizens will look back at the heritage buildings that they can identify with. How many are there left to conserve?

Sarikei District Council logo, 2005.
View from Civic Centre.
Source: Fred

Sarikei District Council, Feb 2007.

SDC provides

  • Cleaning facilities such as waste disposal, drain and road cleaning service, etc;
  • Licencing for businesses and shops;
  • Manual and electronic bill payment;
  • Town beautification by planting flowers and trees, etc;
  • Infrastructures, children playground, recreational parks, etc;
  • Urban and rural tax collections;
  • Library reading areas and the mobile library facilities;
  • Local Authority Laws enforcement;
  • Town planning

Sarikei District Council lobby, Oct 2007

Next! Oops. Are your bills overdue?


NELSON said...

i like the wall-like grass planted in front of the old SDC.


Lidasar said...

When the Sarikei District Council (SDC) 1st formed it was housed in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce building ground floor next to the basketball court. The 1st Chairman was a Foochow from Binatang by a Mr.Wong Tiong Chung (not correct spelling) whose father runs a shop selling clocks and he also has a brother who is a Dr.Wong who once run a clinic at No.4 Repok Rd (Lawyer Chong's shop). The 1st chairman was send to UK to receive his job training on local town council matter.

The SDC building wasn't build until after the formation of Malaysia and if you could remember it also hosts the fire station. Those who are younger could also recall people rushing to renew their annual bicycle license on the 1st working day of the year hoping to get the new bicycle number plate with the smallest digit. Traders will send their scale for re-calibration on designated date.

Daniel Yiek said...

I remember the traders sending their weighing scales for recalibration ... ha!!! Yes, the fire station was also there. Stay tuned for a post on the fire station (if anyone has pics of the old firestation, pls email me).

Welcome new readers: Clement (Kuching base), Ah Chuang (Sarikei) , Roger (sarikei)and Roland (China). Thanks for the private emails.

All: You can still comment at old posts because every comment auto-come to my email.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Centering photo, search box, etc. I have responded to your comment.

Another thing, I don't know if I have edited the post, but I will be copying this reply into a Notepad file to save into my to do list. You cannot use BlogCollecter to put back automatically the content into your blog. The best is to save the content of each post in the EDIT HTML file into Notepad file and save them along with your backup template in the same folder.

As for Firewall, I think my computer vendor set that using Norton but not sure. I am not an IT man.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

Daniel Yiek said...

History of SDC
Source: SDC website

Majlis Daerah Sarikei telah ditubuhkan pada 1 Januari 1955 di bawah Ordinan Kuasa Tempatan, 1984. Ianya mempunyai kawasan seluas 1715.5 km persegi yang mana meliputi kawasan bandar Sarikei, Selalang, Ulu Sarikei, Sg. Rusa, Peninjau, Minah/Bulat, Meruton/Paoh, Merundu/Baji dan Pasi Selidap.

Bilangan penduduk mengikut anggaran tahun 2014 (Statistik Jabatan Perangkaan 2014) ialah lebih kurang 69,400 orang. Kawasan yang paling padat dengan penduduk ialah kawasan bandar Sarikei sendiri dan pertambahan penduduk di kawasan ini dijangka meningkat apabila jalanraya yang menghubungi kawasan perindustrian Tanjung Manis dan lain-lain daerah disiapkan sepenuhnya nanti.

Pejabat Majlis Daerah Sarikei terletak di Jalan Nyelong, Sarikei iaitu berhadapan dengan Dewan Suarah, Sarikei.

Terdapat 32 orang ahli-ahli termasuk Pengerusi dan Timbalan Pengerusi yang dilantik sebagai Ahli Majlis oleh TYT Yang Di Pertua Negeri Sarawak untuk melaksanakan segala tanggungjawab yang telah diamanahkan kepada rakyat.

Majlis Daerah Sarikei mempunyai 75 orang kakitangan bertaraf tetap daripada pelbagai jawatan dan gred. Ianya diketuai oleh seorang Pegawai Tadbir (Setiausaha) dan dibantu oleh Penolong Pegawai Tadbir (Penolong Setiausaha).

Ianya juga terdiri daripada beberapa bahagian seperti:-

1. Bahagian Pentadbiran
2. Bahagian Kerja Awam
3. Bahagian Kesihatan Awam
4. Bahagain Perbendaharaan
5. Bahagian Penilaian dan Kadaran
6. Bahagian Penguatkuasaan
7. Bahagian Perpustakaan

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