Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scenes - Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 1947-48

Sarikei Sebangkoi Falls (low tide) 1947-48.
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Source: Hedda Morrison's 1957 book, Sarawak.

I was flipping through Hedda Morrison's 1957 book, Sarawak, with its awesome collection of black and white photos. She captured the tribal culture very well in pictures. Then I did a double take on this unnamed photo. This looked familiar. I believe this was the wild Sebangkoi Falls (low tide) before it was turned into a park. She worked in Sarikei in 1947-48. Look at the leaves and branches strewn around the unmanaged forest. Creepers twirled themselves around tree trunks to reach the sunlight just like current day. The pool looked shallow with lots of non eroded earth. Was this the old Sebangkoi Falls? Bring on the jury.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Falls (high tide) 2004

The park managed Sebangkoi Falls has introduced a red bridge and bamboo around the bridge. The pool is deeper now and has more rocks around it. The rocks could be introduced by humans as part of landscaping or it could be a result of geological activities like eroded landslide during a storm.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Falls (low tide) 2006

Will the real Sebangkoi Falls please stand up take the plunge?


Daniel Yiek said...

This post is late because I was travelling (Cebu, Philippines). To compensate for the late post, I decided to release a black n white picture (everyone loves old pics, right?) of what I think was Sebangkoi Falls. The shape and size is very similar. Do you think it is Sebangkoi?

Ikan Sembilang said...

I had seen this old photo by Hedda Morrison too. I think it is unlikely that it was the Sebangkoi Falls as there was no access road from Sarikei to Sebangkoi in 1947/1948.

stlau said...

Will send you a 1979 picture - the pond was much bigger than shown in this picture. Over the years, a lot of people either drowned here or died in car accident outside at the main road. Does anybody has the statistics?

Daniel Yiek said...

Some of the obvious differences between the black n white pic and the current pics are the rocks in the current pics. Especially the big rock at the top of the falls (right side of the falls) and the rocks at the front of the pool. This may be explained by a landslide...but I cant be sure. Always good to have some mystery left for debate.

BurungHelang said...

The fondest episodes of my childhood memory are made here. Catching small fishes in the clear stream, learning to swim with an old tyre tube, etc. I detest all the 'new' structures that are there now.

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