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Food - Sarikei Fried Noodle and Bee Hoon

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Oct 2007

If your hunger pangs make a calling, where do you head? Merdeka Park hawker centre! Head towards the stall behind the hornbill drawing (the No. 11 stall at the left of the main entrance) because of the famous Ah Zheng's stall called Wan Lai 旺来. It's not easy to miss because it often has the most customers compared to other stalls. The Ibans also love his food.

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Feb 2012
Wan Lai 旺来 stall (Ah Zheng noodles)

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Oct 2007

Ah Zheng's stall is run by his son after Ah Zheng passed away. Ah Zheng was a Cantonese that started his cooked food business at the 1st shop at Central Road before the Foochow owned Min Sing 明星 restaurant moved in. Later he moved to the 1st stall at the right of the main entrance at the old hawker centre in the 1970s. Then they rented a stall at Hiek Lik cafe before the new Merdeka Park hawker centre opened in 2006.

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Oct 2007
Ah Zheng's Stall

Ah Zheng's stall is very busy during lunch time for cooked food so they don't accept orders for individual dishes like fried kueh tiaw (rice noodle). Please go in the morning or late afternoon for your individual orders.

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Oct 2007
Ah Zheng's Fried Bee Hoon

This stall is famous for their fried bee hoon (Chinese rice vermicelli). The RM$2.50 bee hoon was fried first in a super hot wok. The gravy was prepared after this with vegetables, pork slices and char siew (roast pork with red sauce). I was not satisfied with the fried bee hoon but luckily I left room in my stomach for their more famous dish.

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Oct 2007
Ah Zheng's Fried Noodle

Sarikei Merdeka Park Hawker Centre, Feb 2012
Ah Zheng's Fried Noodle

Ta da! Presenting Ah Zheng's fried noodle (RM$2.50). The cooking process was the same as the fried bee hoon but the taste is not easy to duplicate at home because the secret is in the super hot wok. The slightly charred noodle tasted heavenly and nostalgic. This dish really walked wok the talk. Slurp!


Nelson said...

oh. thanks for this blog! thanks for the photos! that ah cheng's fried noodles is my ultimate favourite noodles. normally i order RM3.00 one. =) and also usually i'll tapao hiek lik's kampua to ah cheng's place and MIX it with the fried noodles. Hiek Lik's Kampua + Ah Cheng's noodles = heavenly noodles! last time was easier to order as they open together at hiek lik's coffee shop. i use tapao them using drive-tru. so nice!

Nelson said...

by the way, to have the best juice shop, come to KT. 2nd shop fr. seri malaysia hotel. the uncle there is so nice. one medium size glass of juice is only RM2.50 Like Asia Cafe's medium. be amaze! he has more than hundred types of combinations of juice. eg mango + dragon fruit.

Nelson said...

taman tasik middle shopt got nice malay fried noodles

hope u can blog that too.


don forget wan burger!

Kanga said...

Merdeka Food centre is a place not to be missed for food in sarikei. If you order a plate of fried noodles in a western country, you have to pay at least five time the price and taste only half as good!

Lidasar said...

Allow me to do some recollection here, it didn't start with Ah Cheng. This famous Cantonese fried noodle was started with the relocation of the family from Binatang to the 1st shop at Central Road where Min Sing 明星 restaurant use to be. The family use to live on the 3rd level of the shop. The head of the family was Yow Siang and he started this whole fried noodles that left Sarikien felt so nostalgic. All his 3 sons inherited his cooking skill, the eldest is Ah Nan, 2nd is Ah Cheng and 3rd Sou Har. Ah Nan runs something similar in Sibu and later Kuching where as the other two helps out Yow Siang in Sarikei.

What is obviously missing from the photo is the slice of home make Cantonese sausage that the family painstakingly prepares everyday. In those days Kway Teow wasn't readily available in Sarikei but the family would make them from scratch using rice flour and steaming them. You got to taste the cooking of Yow Siang, is the original.

Daniel Yiek said...

Gosh! Kampua + chow mein (fried noodle)combo! I like the fried noodle better than kampua. I have not found this fried flavour outside of Sarikei.

Great update on the super cook's family! Those Cantonese home made lup cheong (sausage) is simply out of this world.

nelson said...

they dun make the chinese sausages anymore because they are too busy with noodles and chap fan. yeah i miss their lap cheong very much!

IKan Sembilang said...

Sad to learn that Ah Cheng had passed away. I remember that he had an elder brother, an elder sister and two younger brothers, the youngest of whom was a good guli player. In those days when there were no televisions and computer games, playing guli in the alleys was a great pastime for many of us who grew up in Sarikei.
As we get a little older each day, we cannot help feeling a bit nostalgic about the things we liked to do or the food we enjoyed eating when we were young. Besides playing guli, one of our other childhood delights was to be treated to a plate of tasty fried noodle with tomato sauce prepared by Ah Cheng or Ah Kow.

willchua said...

Try his pork rib...u will love it!

From Ahu said...

Dude, u guys shud talk about the price increase for the noodles. Major bummer.

TimWalVoon said...

its my gf's family business...
pls dun call it ah cheng's stall its stall NO. 11....

Ah cheng's Eldest sons name is Ah Chen...

I eat all the things there for free hahahahahaha!!

everytime i go they cook special for me ahahhahahah!

thanks for posting this blog for them....cos they really need it...

Daniel Yiek said...

:) Lucky you. Free good food.
Ah Cheng's stall is brand that they should keep. It's like Ah Kow's restuarant. Branding keeps the mindshare of their customers.

Dragon City said...

I miss Sarikei so much!! Especially Ah Zheng's Fried Mee...

I'm going back next week.. Yahooo..

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