Thursday, November 15, 2007

View - Sarikei 1982

Different readers have different requests for the type of blog posts. Most love history and nolstalgia, some have a weak spot for local food while others are suckers for unusual views of Sarikei. Enjoy this picture that's a quarter of a century old (OK, that sounds older than 25 years old).

Foundation of Human Development, State Example.
20th Anniversary of Independence in Malaysia, 1983

As you walked along Repok Road towards downtown on the untiled walkway with no stainless steel poles, you would pass by government quarters before you reached the Methodist Church and Methodist Primary School. Note that the high rise pastor's building behind the yellow school block was not built yet.

After Methodist School, you would pass by the 3 vehicle mechanic shops on the left of Repok Road whose front areas were often stained with black engine oil. These 3 shops had made way for a high rise shop block.

Sarikei view, circa 1982-1983.
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Source: 20th Anniversary of Independence in Malaysia, 1983

Behind Rex cinema, look out for the old Sarikei District Council block. Then there's the lovely green lungs of Sarikei's padang (field) before the Civic Centre was completed in 1988. Do you have 50 cents to spare? Let's catch a kung fu movie at Cathay cinema which was later burned down in early 2000's 1983+ (updated).

After the movie, walk along Central Road back to the heart of downtown where it intersected with Repok Road. The first roundabout in town was there before the Repok Road was partitioned off with plants and car parking lots were moved elsewhere.

Then you decided to check out the newer shops at Jalan Masjid Lama but where were Ngiu Kee department store and Sugar Bun?

You were 10 years early, kids. Please come back in 1992.


Daniel Yiek said...

Oh, where's the Pineapple statue too? It was built in the late 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Cathay cinema burnt down in 2000s. Way before that.. I think it's probably 1980s.

Daniel Yiek said...


You may be correct but no readers can come up with the year in which Cathay was burned. The info is definitely in the newspapers archives as it was a recent event.

Cathay was converted to Katrina supermarket in the late 1990's (?) and was burned down circa 2000 (?). A reader, Chen, left a comment at the Cathay cinema post that it was burned in late 1980s or early 1990s.(?) the years mentioned span almost 15-20 years. Surely, some readers can remember the actul year :)

By the way, pls use a nickname or name for comments to differentiate between the different anonymous folks. All comments are welcome and I read all of them, even at the old posts because comments go directly to my hotmail's inbox

Lidasar said...

Let me do the calculation and get the year closer, it cannot be very far away and at least it is by far the most accurate unless someone can check with the office of See Hua Daily News to see if they still keep the old newspaper.

The Cathay cinema was burned in the year 1983 and the roll of shop houses where Hai Pin Coffee Shop and the old Cantonese Association was burned in 1989.

Sarikei is luck to escape from big fire if we compare with neighboring towns. In 1928 the whole Sibu town was burned and left with the few shops nearest to the Tua Pek Kong temple. In the late 60s Saratok was almost completely burned, out of 60 over shops only about 13 shops were left standing. In the late 70s two block of shop houses in Binatang facing Rajang river was completely burned to the ground, by the time our Sarikei fire fighter reaches Binatang they were only to witness the end result.

Nelson said...

i dont recalled any fires of shophouses in town in 2000s but there was a fire that destroyed one block of wooden government quarters near(behind) nyelong park

Tuan Lokong said...

Yes it was burnt down icluding a friend of mine shop "The Cina Tukang Ngeli" hehe...

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