Monday, December 31, 2007

History - Sarikei 2007 review

Sarikei Rejang Terminal 2 wharf, Oct 2007

It's that time of the year again to reflect on the top happenings of the year in Sarikei, our beloved town. My list may differ from yours so feel free to feedback in the comments. And now for the top 5 events of 2007 ....

Sarikei Chinese New Year, Feb 2007.
View of Jalan Masjid Lama from Repok Road.

Sarikei Hari Raya Puasa, Oct 2007.
View of Jalan Masjid Lama from Ngiu Kee block.

N0. 5: Let there be light: Record breaking length of festive lights for CNY and Hari Raya traversing the breath of Sarikei along Jalan Masjid Lama from Nyelong River to Sarikei River. Jalan Masjid Lama has claimed the throne as the new hub of Sarikei from Repok Road in the 1990s. Repok Road ruled from the 1950s while Wharf Road ruled from the 1930s.

Sarikei Pineapple Statue, Oct 2007.
Rejang River at the left.

Sarikei Pineapple Festival, Nov 2007
Source: Eastern Times

No. 4: Fruits of labour: Pesta Nanas, the Pineapple Festival, which started in 2004, had its most successful event this year from Nov 23-25 at a new venue, the Wholesale Collection Centre of Rejang Port Authority, Jalan Wharf. For previous years, it was held at the Civic Centre.

Sarikei JCIM Convention, Nov 2007.
Parade at Jalan Masjid Lama.
Source: JCIM

No: 3 Moving the cheese to Sarikei: Sarikei has moved beyond ecotourism by capturing a slice of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) market. 450 members from the Junior Chamber International Malaysia held their conference at the Civic Centre. If each had spent RM$100, that's RM$45K to Sarikei's economy. Check out the parade down Jalan Masjid Lama.

Tanjung Manis Integrated Deep Sea Port, Mar 2007.
Source: The Star

No 2: Sweet port: The RM$332M Tanjung Manis Integrated Fishing Port was launched in Jan 2007. The 35-hectare site is the biggest and most modern in S.E. Asia. It's modelled after its counterpart in Skagen, Denmark and is a collection centre for aquaculture entrepreneurs to process their products before reaching the local and foreign markets. The facilities include 8 shops, a 7020 sq m cold room, 10,800 sq m of processing areas/auction hall, an ice plant that produces 150 metric tons of ice an hour, cranes for loading and unloading cargo, 420-metre long wharf and offices of the Immigration and Royal Customs and Excise Departments. It has a depot to sell subsidised diesel to motivate fishing vessels to stop there. Read what The Star said.

Sarikei Nyelong River Esplanade toilet.
Source: Tuan Lokong

No. 1: Makan angin by Nyelong River. The impressive Nyelong Esplanade has opened for strolling with impressive pavilions, landscaped walkway and of course, the new tourist stop - the flowery toilet.

Shandy (lemonade beer) 2007

What's in store for Sarikei in 2008? It'll be parliamentary election year with Sarikei as a hotly contested seat and the Meranti bridge to conquer the Nyelong River.

What to expect in the Sarikei Time Capsule in 2008? Posts on Sarikei history during the Brooke era, Chen Ko Ming biography, Sebor building and the Sarawak Steamship Company, SESCO, Methodist Church, Sekolah Tinggi, St. Anne's School, St. Clement's Kindergarten, Repok Road shop blocks, The Residency, the firestation, etc and of course, rarely seen old black and white photos. This blog will probably run out of content by June 2008, far longer than I thought. Thanks to the readers who contributed ideas, content and photos.

Here's to a new year. Let's pop the shandy and drink to that.


Daniel Yiek said...

An unexpected outcome of this blog is that some of my old classmates found me after 20+ years! A search on Sarikei in google finds this blog in the top 5 items. Keep the suggestions and content coming, folks.

Happy 2008, everyone!

easechen said...

Awesome blog, Daniel! Thanks so much for bringing back sweet memories of our beloved hometown. Looking forward to what's coming.......Hope it'll continue forever. I'll send in more pics. Have a "HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR" everyone!

Ah Gau said...

thanks Daniel..

a comment.. if i am not wrong, unfortunately, we have 'handed'over Tanjung Manis, Sarikei's future life line to another division.. :(


Daniel Yiek said...

Ah Gau,
Yes, Tj Manis belongs to Mukah division but that's just the jurisdiction boundary. Physically, Sarikei is the nearest "big" town and we are able to tap into the spill over effects. eg: If the incoming foreigners want to party, they will not remain in Tj Manis new town which has just 2 rows of shops. They will catch the express boat and be in S'kei in 1/2 hr to drink, eat, make merry and stay in local hotels. I guess that's why the 1st floor of Eastern Cafe has been converted into a hotel. BUT when the road from TJ Manis to Sibu is completed, it will be an interesting scenario!

Lidasar said...

The Photo shows the Boys’ Brigade, imagine some 40 years ago the boys gather together every Sunday early in the morning to make soy bean drinks and sold it to church members to raise fund for acquiring the instruments.

To prolong Sarikei Time Capsule beyond 2008 my suggestion is to take some picture and write a story of each and every kampong. Did I left out anyone?
Mulutung, Kim San, Jakar, Sarai, Bulat, Simanyak, Meina, Sitok, Pantuk, Sugai Rusa, Hinkapan, Simantan, Puitai, Ngalan, Keilap, Sikilit, Payong, Sugai Paoh, Mamai, Sebangkoi, Selalang, Pakan, Maradong, Mukiwang, Tanjung Manis, Rajang, Belawai, Paloh, Petaili, Polehkang.

~Qiong~ said...

At first, really thanks because you promote your blog to me in my blog. You left a comment about your blog in mine. I still quite new to Sarikei, although I'm Sarikian, I just moved to my hometown two years ago. And I'm too young to know this town, thanks a lot to your blog, I know a lot. I wonder were you my mum's classmate before after I read your blog. Anyway, happy new year and wish your blog all the best!

Daniel Yiek said...

Qiong, Welcome!..

Sorry, I wont know whether I'm from your mum's class...

Xp-Zheng said...

QUESTION!!! I was really suprised to see the title of the last photo. THE SARIKEI SHANDY??? i have been living in Sarikei for 20 years and i never knew that Sarikei produced SHANDY. i only know that Bintangor produced Soda but SHANDY?? that's really something i would be proud of. hahaa.. i will commit myself to shandy the next time i go back to Sarikei.

Daniel Yiek said...

No lah. I don't mean Sarikei produced the Shandy. I better remove the word Sarikei before the Shandy.

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