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View - Sarikei Wharf Road 1935-1940

Sarikei Wharf Road, late 1930s.
From left: Block 3, 2 and 1. View from Rejang River.
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Source: Ikan Sembilang.

This rare picture of a bare Wharf Road shows a jetty between Block 4 and Block 3, a few wooden sampan (boats) and a cable across the picture (what's the purpose of the cable?). There are a few mangrove trees left. The 2 dots in the river were not people swimming but some dirt specks because there's another similar dot further up in the picture

They are Block 3, 2 and 1 in the picture based on their architecture. Block 4 has 5 shops and a balcony each, remember? Block 3 and Block 2 have 6 shops each and Block 1 has 5 shops. Block 2 has no arches at the roof and its windows are half length only.

Sarikei: Chen Ko Ming and family, 1950
Front Row L-R: 1st Bro, 2nd Sis, 4th Bro (Ko Ping)
Back Row L-R: 3rd Bro (Ko Sung), 2nd Bro (Ko Ming), 5th Bro (Ko Ting)
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Source: Ease Chen (Daughter of Chen Ko Ming)

Now which year was the Wharf Road picture taken? The Chen Ko Ming family picture was taken in 1950 and the undated Wharf Road picture stated that this was where the Chen family spent their childhood days.

Block 1 & 2 was built in 1935 so it's after 1935. There's a 1940 picture (coming soon) that showed the original wharf (not the existing Terminal 1 in front of the Bank Road shop block) in front of Block 4 and there were sheds along the Rejang River infront of Block 1 & 2.

Deduction: This Wharf Road picture was from 1935-1940.


Daniel Yiek said...

Apologies for the late post. Was on holidays with no internet access.

4th bro (Chen Ko Ping)was a policeman before he became a banker at Standard Chartered bank in Sarikei. He passed away in 2000.

5th bro (Chen Ko Ting) is now in Kuching.

Do you agree that this Wharf road picture was from 1935-1940?

Daniel Yiek said...

Apparently the words for the Chen Ko Ming picture is not 100% correct (it's just how someone called the family members). Here's the complete picture of the Chen Ko Ming siblings.

* 1st Sister: was in HK?
* 2nd Sister: Swee Nong (now in Kuching)
* 3rd Bro: Hon Seng
* 4th Bro: Ko Ming
* 5th Bro: Ko Chung (now in Canada)
* 6th Bro: Ko Ping (deceased in 2000 in Sarikei)
* 7th Bro: Ko Ting (now in Kuching)
* 8th Bro: Name? ( Now in China; physician)
* 9th Bro: Name? (Now in Canada; dentist)

Ease Chen said...

Chen's siblings:

1st sister:Yuk Lan, deceased

3rd bro: Tong Seng, deceased

5th bro: Ko Chung, passed away in Canada 2002

8th bro: Gao Hua

9th bro: Chee Hian

Tuan Lokong said...

Phew..what that? Well2 could not comment much, not even born at this time. Sure that was along time ago. I vaguely remembered it was as the pictures. Early days used to ride on the four wheeled cargo trolley or Koolie Keng Trolley while empty and those koolie keng did not say a words.

Lidasar said...

The picture shows the children of Chan Mong or fondly noted as Wu Sou Mong. Ko Ming works for S&C Bank long before his younger brother, he was the big boss of Sarikei's branch during those days when they started at 4th block Repok Right at one of the shop where the old Bata shop was located, later S&C was relocated to 5th block Repok Right 1st shop before they moved to one of the shop beside Ah Kow restaurant and further located to the newer shops which is opposite to Hong Kong Studio. Bingo! I can trace all their movement! The mother of Gao Hua & Chee Hian provided midwife childbirth services and Kong Hup Heng had a sign board advertising this service, so some of your grandmother was probably assisted by her during childbirth. She was the sister of the goldsmith Mr.Lee of Weng Sing.

During the time the photo was taken and memory can recall is a Cantonese Lam Hwie started selling porridge even before the war by Wharf Rd river side opposite to shop Kong Hua Lung (now is 生發 Seng Huat coffee shop). Selling chicken porridge from his road side push cart, the customer will have to sit on stool and long benches. You won't know Lam Hwie but probably some of you might know his son Ah Chow who sold fried noodle at the corner of the old hawker food center and right in front of Payang Puri Hotel in the 70s.

Can any one remember the early basketball players from the town? The eldest brother of the Chan was one. The earliest and most formidable & legendary basketball team was 飞碟 and one of the team player was related to the Chan who works for Kong Hup Heng by the name Cou Fu who married the daughter of Kim Seng Ang No.3 Wharf Rd. The center forward for飞碟 was the tall Mr. Tiong Hon Ming. The Sarikei basketball association even hired a coach who was a legendary ex-player from the professional team Nanyang Shang Pao of old Malaya.

Dominic said...

A Query Daniel. The weight of a cable that size in diameter and stretching the whole length of Rejang river would have made it sagged. Was that an add-on retouch graphic or was it really a cable ?

tuanlokong said...

Is it not the cable used to hold the Floating Ramp? Or Iban used to call "Jelatong" I though so cos' during early days we also fish on it with my cousin. Luckily nothing happen, was not able to swim yet...

Daniel Yiek said...

Tuan Lokong,
That was a spam comment that I deleted. This is because I dont use word verification used in other blogs (readers hate this tool).

Ease Chen sent in an old pic of a basketball team and I was wondering how that fit into the Chen story till your explanation! Will need you to comment in the future post on that pic on who's who! The sports attire then was very short pants. Will finally combine some of the old pics from Ease into a post or 2.

I think Tuan Lokong may be right. The cable may be attached to some floating platform or some cement platform (looks like the pic was taken from there)

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