Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei CNY Balik Kampung

Kuching to Sarikei by Bahagia express boat, Oct 2007.
Open air cargo section.

If your head goes bonkers with the bumpy waves along the South China Sea coast, the Kuching to Sarikei express boat is definitely not your cup of salt water during this monsoon season. If you can not get an air ticket to Sibu, then one other option is to travel by road along the pan Borneo highway from Kuching to Sarikei.

Sarikei traffic jam, CNY 2007.
Swimming Pool at the right.
Source: Jimmy Ong

Just when you think it will be a smooth ride with the good roads (compared to the potholes of the 1960-90s), kena sai (local slang for hit sh*t), you meet the convoy of cars of all the other Sarikei folks working outside of Sarikei. Don't you wish Sarikei has the right jobs for everyone so that we don't have to leave our nest?

Sarikei traffic jam, CNY 2007
Matah (Police in Hokkien) check!
Source: Jimmy Ong

A road block is task between 2 choices:

a) Flash - Show your identity card or passport to the police to prove that you are not a wanted criminal or an illegal immigrant who loves Sarikei food


b) Blush - if you forgot to carry your identity documents. Quickly think of a good excuse. "I'm definitely from Sarikei. My dad's shop is at No. 101 Repok Road. You know him, Ah Beng"

Sarikei Welcome sign, 2007
Find the petrol station.

Finally, you heave a sigh of relief to see the Sarikei welcome gantry.

Welcome home folks!


Daniel Yiek said...

Sarikei Time Capsule will be taking a break during CNY. I may blog if there's internet access but likely I will be too busy enjoying my Sarikei food.

Happy CNY!

nelson said...

i hope the express boat operators will law abiding, not to overload their boats to prevent tragedies. i stood for the whole 3.5 hrs journey back before.

Kanga said...

I'll miss CNY in Sarikei this year (again!). For those who are lucky to be back, do wake up 4:00 am on CNY eve and go shopping in the dark! bring your torch. You will know what competition is all about; Sarikei style. No need to queue, survival of the fitest. You blink, and your roast pork, or gold coin pork, or roast duck will be gone! Happy CNY to all.

easechen said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you all!
How I wish I can celebrate CNY in Sarikei - miss all the festivities, bai nien, all the delicacies, ang-pow giving,etc.

jimmy said...

Yup, I took the police block photos on my way back from Julau last year. They are looking for something else, I think for modified cars (bright light & tinted glass) because they didn't ask for driving license.

From Ahu said...

I'll miss CNY this year again :(
But happy CNY to everyone back home in Sarikei!

burunghelang said...

Just been back from Sarikei for an "early" Chinese New Year to beat the crowd. Had driven the super "holy" road from Selangau to Bintulu and busted a Good Year. Don't know if I could live to see the days when there is a not so "holy" road from Kuching to Miri.

Anonymous said...

Wishing Daniel and your Family a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2008. Thanks for your excellent all-round blogging on Sarikei.

Dominic Hii
Dom's Asian Teahouse
Tasmania Australia.

tuanlokong said...

Geess Miss my New Year home this time. Hope my Children will enjoy themselves there. My Company gave me two days off and am glad it is honored in Middle-East...Gongxi Fatt Chai... Sinieng Huat Chaiii...

Nelson said...

Happy Chinese New Year!


Tuan Lokong said...

Happy Chap Goh Meh, I guess not early and not late. I missed them all. Perhaps next year be a home for all this... :(

Anonymous said...


This time capsule brought back much memory of my day in Sarikei and St. Anthony's. I did noticed much changes when I visited Sarikei in 2005. Do you have the email address for Mr Lopez, Titus, Mr Celestine, Mr Wong Kwong Soon.

easechen said...

To the one asking about Mr. Wong Kwong Soon, I asked his daughter, & she said her dad has not advanced to computer yet.

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