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Scenes - Sarikei Hotels 泗里街廉价酒店/旅馆/客棧

Sarikei Wawasan Hotel, 2007
69-72 Jalan Masjid Lama

Some of you have moved your family completely out of Sarikei so where do you stay when you go back to your roots? Last year, a reader emailed me and asked me to recommend a hotel. Apparently, she's the girlfriend of a Sarikei bloke and they would travel back together but she won't be staying at his house. I don't know Sarikei's hotels well enough to recommend so I referred her to a website.

Sarikei Dragon Inn, 2007.
60 Jalan Masjid Lama.

From the external appearance alone, Wawasan Hotel (RM$60-200 per night) and Dragon Inn (RM$50-200) are probably the best hotels in town. Prices may vary as these prices are from Wikipedia. There are around 12 hotels in Sarikei to suit every budget. Please check with the hotels for latest prices.

Sarikei Rajang Hotel, 2008
Berjaya Road

Sarikei Payang Puri Hotel, 2007
1-2 Jalan Merdeka

Sarikei Oriental Hotel, 2007
48 Repok Road

Sarikei Oriental Hotel, 2014
After renovation in 2014.

Around 1980, the Payang Puri Hotel 巴黎大酒店 opened in a new 5-storey block at Jalan Merdeka and caused a stir in the market. At that time, the better hotels in towns were Oriental Hotel 東方大酒店 and Ambassador Hotel 國寶 (closed in late 2006). There's another mid range hotel, Furama Hotel, at No. 41-42, Jalan Haji Karim.

Sarikei Hiek Lik Hotel, 2007
33 Repok Road

Sarikei Leh Hua Hotel 麗華酒店, 2007
10, Jalan Abdul Razak

There are no international hotel franchises in Sarikei like the Hilton or Holiday Inn. There will likely be more development in the hotel industry with the boomtown of Tanjung Manis only 30-45 minutes away by express boats. In Oct 2007, there was a new hotel been constructed above No. 1 Bank Road (the former Eastern Cafe, 東方茶室). (Update - this turns out not to be a hotel)

Sarikei Tanjung Manis Hotel 大眾酒店, 2007
24 Repok Road

Sarikei Hotel, 2008
11 Wharf Road

Sarikei Southern Hotel, 2007
21 Repok Road

Sarikei Southern Hotel billboard, 2007
"Everyone can afford to stay" tagline
21 Repok Road

The ones that have been established the longest and are still in operations are probably the Sarikei Hotel (11 Wharf Road; Hakka owned.) and Southern Hotel (21 Repok Road; Foochow owned). Southern Hotel was popular in the 1960-70s for travelling towkays (businessmen) and street buskers. It later underwent several renovations.

Sarikei King's Inn, Oct 2007
Grand Opening at 11-13 Bank Road

Sarikei King's Inn, Oct 2007
11-13 Bank Road

I checked out a new hotel (King's Inn) in town. It's in a 3-storey block at Jalan Bank between Terminal 2 wharf and the bus terminal. The Cantonese owner kindly took me on a tour. The whole place is air conditioned. The corridors are decorated with old pictures of Sarikei and Bintangor to let you go down memory lane. The rooms are clean and come with free wireless internet access. He even offers car rental.

 Sarikei Lodge 808, 2010
Opened in 2010, opposite Sugar Bun
No 16E 1st Floor, Lorong Tun Razak 1

 Sarikei Lodge 808, 2010
No 16E 1st Floor, Lorong Tun Razak 1

A newly opened hotel in 2010, Lodge 808, offers CCTV, free wifi and clean white sheets. This will set the bar for many of the other hotels. The lady manager is a Christian and is very friendly.

In 2014, Garden Hotel opened at Jalan Barrack in anticipation of the new Sarikei township next to it.

Sarikei Garden Hotel, 2014
Jalan Barrack

On 1 April 2017, a grand new hotel, Oriental Evermore Hotel, opened near Doremon Supermarket, at Sarikei new township.

Oriental Evermore Hotel, 2017.
No. 20, Lorong 2, Jalan Bersatu

In May 2017, Family Inn opened at Jalan Masjid Lama, Sarikei, in the same colourful block as the new Everwin department store.

                                                    Family Inn (May 2017), Jalan Masjid Lama

Sarikei country home, 2007.
Find the water tank, coconut tree, laundry and TV antenna.

Source: Jimmy Ong

If you don't like staying at hotels, I'm sure one of your old buddies will gladly offer bed and breakfast at his or her country home with the best hospitality in town. Who can resist home cooked meals with fresh vegetables, fruits and chicken from the garden? That is if you can catch the roaming chicken.

Taxi +6 (084) 651 110

Hotel list (may not be comprehensive):

Dragon Inn 金龙大酒店
+6 084-651799
60 Jalan Masjid Lama

Family Inn
Tel +6 084-659699
Fax +6 084 659996
Jalan Masjid Lama (same block as New Everwin)

Furama Hotel. 富丽华大酒店
+6 084-655999
41-42 Jalan Haji Karim

Garden Hotel,

13C, Jalan Barrack, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak.
+6 084-656886 
Facebook page

Hiek Lik Hotel. 协力酒店
+6 084-654703
33 Repok Road

King's Inn. 皇家大酒店
+6 084-653311
11-13 Bank Road

Facebook page

Leh Hua Hotel. 丽华酒店
+6 084-655000
10 Jalan Abdul Razak

808 Lodge. 808宾馆
No 16E 1st Floor, Lorong Tun Razak 1,
96100 Sarikei
Tel: +6084-655808 or +6013 803 0398
Facebook page

Oriental Hotel. 东方大酒店
(renovated 2014).
Tel +6 084-655599
48 Repok Road

Facebook page 

Oriental Evermore Hotel (near Doremon supermarket)
(opened on 1 April 2017)
Tel +6 084 644111
No. 20, Lorong 2, Jalan Bersatu,
96100 Sarikei.

Payang Puri Hotel 巴黎大酒店
(renovated 2014)
+6 084-651216
1-2 Jalan Merdeka

Rejang Hotel. 拉让冷气酒店
+6 084-652693
Berjaya Road

Sarikei Hotel 泗里街酒店
11 Wharf Road

Southern Hotel. 锦美酒店
+60 84-654 122

21 Repok Road
Facebook page 

Tanjung Manis Hotel.大众酒店
+6 084-651188
24 Repok Road

Wawasan Inn. 宏愿大酒店
+6 084-653199
69-72 Jalan Masjid Lama

Yew Luen Lodging House. 友联

+6 084-653375
No 61 Lorong Layang Layang, Repok Road.
(In front of former library, behind Shell station)
Facebook page

Bintangor 民丹廉价酒店/旅馆/客棧

Hotel Ming Kiong 民强酒店

Wisma Ting Cheong Siew, Lot 20, Jalan Kelupu, Bintangor.
Tel: +6 084-692888

Orleans Inn 陵景大酒店

No 25-26, Jalan Dermaga, 96500 Bintangor
Tel: +6 084-692235/693362 


NELSON said...

i know hiek lik kampua mee is nice.

Tuan Lokong said...

Remembered there was "Sin Chuong" Hotel right infront across road Dragon Inn. But had closed since.

It do not look much at that time only the locals used to call "Lu Tieng Sin Chuong" I must say not bad Payang Puri was the tallest building in the early 80s.

If I am not wrong is there a Sarikei Hotel long ago? Along those river side before, we used to rent there for $12.00 per nite in the 70s.

Lidasar said...

The earliest hotel got to be one at Central Rd, correct me if I am wrong. If I can recall correctly the name was Lok Khoon Hotel above the coffee shop within Cathay Cinema block with around 6 or 7 rooms. This hotel was operated by a Foochow from Sibu and he was the most popular Chinese Orthopaedic in Sarikei during his era. You could also say his wife was the queen of gambling too. In those early days touring stars from HK & S'pore have to put up at Lok Khoon hotel, imagine how miserable it was to be a touring star then.

hornbill said...

Daniel... wish you a Happy CNY

sugar00 said...

Hi, pls recommend which hotel is the most new and clean?

Daniel Yiek said...

Hi Sugar00,
I have not personally gone into the hotels as I'm local and don't stay in hotels.

I can only say that the newest is Kings Inn (near Terminal 2 wharf) facing the river (as far as I know)

Anonymous said...


Im js wondering, does Dragon Inn's area falls inside deConnexion's coverage range?


Daniel Yiek said...

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.

美丽人生 said...

Thanks , i think this will help me alot when visit sarikei

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