Thursday, February 14, 2008

Festival: Sarikei Chinese New Year 2008

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Jalan Masjid Lama.
View from Sarikei River Bridge.

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Jalan Masjid Lama.

Up close and personal.

OK, you knew what's going to happen during CNY. There would be the annual lights decor at Jalan Masjid Lama. That started in CNY 2006.

Sarikei CNY 2008.
CNY visit - Creative house decor

You would be visiting friends' homes to trade new news and laugh at the same old classmate jokes.

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Kids playing wii games

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Kids with PC and handheld games

And you knew you would have bored kids while you caught up with your buddies. So you would keep them busy with digital games.

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Lion Dance at Friendship Road

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Lion Dance at Friendship Road.

Min Lik School troup.
Ear plugs please.

And you knew there would be lively and loud fund raising lion dances.

Sarikei CNY 2008.
Homemade blanket with rags

So you decided to hit your bed early on CNY's eve after the big family reunion dinner in preparation for a hectic CNY celebration for the next few days. Before you could snuggle into your homemade blanket and catch a few winks, the party had already begun with a bang!

Double click to play fireworks video (Taken from Tai Ping Road. Nyelong Park in background).


Daniel Yiek said...

While we are celebrating CNY, spare a few thoughts for the popular Dr Yap who is in a coma after been knocked down from behind by an unlicensed motorbiker while he was jogging in the evening a few days before CNY. Surgery was done on his head injuries.

Everyone in Sarikei knew about this very unfortunate incident.

Ikan Sembilang said...

I am deeply shocked and sad to learn that my best friend has passed away. Sarikei has lost a good and compassionate doctor.
My heartfelt condolences to Lily and the family.

Sim Y said...

Dr. Yap passed away in Kuching, afternoon of 13th February.

I also heard that he will be buried in Kuching.

I think he is 62.

A great lost for Sarikei.

kanga said...

Sad indeed. I am lost for words. May he rest in peace.

Lidasar said...

What a sad story, Sarikei had lost a dear son to some reckless biker (Mat Rampet).

Dr.Yap grew up in the 50s & 60s in Sarikei while his dad was working for the shop 'Seng Kit' in-charge of cigarette distribution in this little town. His mother-in-law was running one of the earliest hair saloon 红玫瑰 (Red Rose) in Sarikei and so his wife grew up in the same town too. I can't recall another Dr. that had treated as many town folks as Dr.Yap. His passing is a great lost to Sarikei.

This lion dance troupe seen in the photos is really a far cry from our olden day troupe. In the early days troupe members were really fit and everyone was good in KongFu. Unlike the photos showing all the kids with full of KFC's fat. Those days the lion head was Class A size and hence it weights a lot more. You really have to standby an ambulance if those KFC kids are to use the original lion head.

Talking of original lion head, one of the Old Masters Mr.Yap the barber weaved the 1st lion head immediately after the war to the delight of the sarikei resident. If you track back the entry on the Cantonese Association opening you could see Mr.Yap is sited in the front roll. During those days the locals had big celebration during the Double-Ten celebration of the founding of Kuomintang and the lion troupes were in full force and you can imagine the ground were completely covered red from the exploded fire crackers. Only after which did the locals imported the lion head from Hong Kong.

Daniel Yiek said...

Dr. Yap was sent by ambulance to Sibu hospital. His head was cracked from the front to the back. Apparently there was a frontal impact on the floor which resulted in swelling at the back of the head. He was still awake on the way to Sibu and told his cousin who accompanied him that he'll be fine. The top neurosurgeon in Sarawak (a son of Sarikei) was flown in from Kuching to Sibu on privately chartered plane for his emergency surgery.

There was an eye witness to the accident. I heard that the young and unlicensed motorbiker has surrendered at the police station.

On a more positively note, I have added 2 pics of the annual CNY lights decor at Jln Masjid Lama. If anyone has the night scene, pls email me.

Tuan Lokong said...

Sadness indeed, got no chance to see closely back home. Indeed he was a good doctor...

Sure everyone in Sarikei knows Dr Yap.

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