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Scenes - Sarikei Sports Stadium

Sarikei padang, 1974.
Sarawak Governor's Birthday celebration.
Find the central stage (District Council side)

Before the Sarikei Civic Centre was completed in 1988 on the padang (field in Malay) , all key activities happened in the padang in the heart of downtown Sarikei. Sarikei became a new Division in Sarawak (6th Division) on 2 April 1973 so it was fitting that the Sarikei padang hosted one of the biggest festival ever in town in 1974 - the Governor's birthday. A central stage was built and it was kept for many years for other functions till 1984+. I used to play on that stage as a kid including roller skating.

Sarikei padang, 1981.
St Anthony's School Sports Day.
Find the back of Block 2 & 3 of Repok Road (background)
Spot the 2nd Block of Central Road (right side)

Just about every school held their sports days on this padang with the final prize ceremony held on the 1974 stage. Did you love those sports days in the searing heat? Do you remember the Red Cross tent with the exhausted runners been brought in? The scent of the ointment used to rub on those sore muscles still lingered on till today.

Sarikei Sports Stadium, 2004.

The sports stadium in the outskirt of town (update: near Nyelong Park light industrial area) was completed around 2003 (?). It costs RM$5.289M according to one website.

Sarikei Sports Stadium, 2005

The new stadium has a soccer field, paved running tracks and a grandstand. The grandstand has a air-conditioned VIP room that can be borrowed for private events like high school reunions if you have the right connections. The soccer fields and running tracks are well utilised in the evening for jogging, etc. There are 2 open air basketball courts next to the stadium that are very popular too.

Sarikei Sports Stadium, 2008
Find the new Sarikei District Office tower.

Merdeka celebrations are held here too. Ofcourse, you won't get the same impromptu crowd from the downtown human traffic when activities were held at the padang in the old days. This place is considered far in Sarikei's context. Anything that takes more than 5 minutes drive is considered far in this small and humble town.

Sarikei Sports Stadium, 2008
"Backdoor entry"

There's gaping hole at the side fence of the stadium and is apparently used as a shortcut. A walk, jog or drive to the main gate around the corner is considered far.


Daniel Yiek said...

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Kanga said...

I think I went pass this sports stadium once, and I can't quite remember where it is! I must go inside this studium one day to have a good look.

As to the spams, its like when you in a kopitiam having a chat, cockroaches arrive uninvited!

Tuan Lokong said...

Use to sit at "Angan" Coffeeshop beside the Stadium. His "Mee Soup Special" is fantastic. Give it a try.

Daniel Yiek said...

The stadium is between downtown and Nyelong Park (close to Nyelong Park light industrial park). From the Sarikei District Office tower, it's quite near (see pic).

Daniel Yiek said...

I have updated the post on the sinking of the Pulau Kijang ship after reading an article in a Sarawak book on the memories of Admin Officers in Sarawak. I have put it under Sources. It's amazing how many Sarawak books there are compared to other M'sian states. Just pop into a library or a good Kuching bookstore.

Search for "kijang" in the top left search box and click on the shipwreck post. It was the worst Sarawak sea tragedy.

80-100 visits a day (this week) to this S'kei website...that's putting a lot of pressure on the blogger so remember to contribute info, pics and comments to keep this blog going.

Tomorrow a rare 1953 black n white photo will be posted.

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