Saturday, March 08, 2008

Food - Sarikei Chicken King

Sarikei Chicken King, Feb 2008

If you are looking for alternatives to the western fast food that are in town (Sugar Bun, KFC and pizza at Kampung Seberang), another halal chicken place has landed in Sarikei and opened on CNY's eve (2008). The colorful fast food restaurant is situated near Sarikei Wharf Terminal 2 in the road next to Bank Road. (No. 22A Jalan Abdul Rahman)

Sarikei Chicken King, Feb 2008

This is a franchise of Chicken King from Johore Bahru's Basic Popular Sdn Bhd and it already has a branch in Miri. There's a delightful al fresco dining area that you can enjoy the cool river air in the evening (open from 10am to midnight everyday). Personally I have not eaten in this fast food place because I'm not into western fast food. When I'm in town, I always go for local delicacies and home cooking. If you have tried this place, please comment on the food.

Sarikei Chicken King, Feb 2008

The inside of the place is clean and air conditioned. The staff are uniformed and the menu includes fragrant rice, chicken chops, NZ fish, boneless steak burger, boneless mushroom chicken steak and deep fried chicken. there's this item in the soft drink menu: a 1-litre jug of pure fruit juice for RM4.80.

Is there free wireless internet surfing? Then you can watch youtube, edit your facebook, join internet communities, clear your emails, upload your flickr pictures, read blogs, wonder when the heck will Sarikei Time Capsule be updated next and who are some of the prolific commenters.


Daniel Yiek said...

Election Day - March 8, that is today. Don't forget to vote. I will update results in the original post on Election.

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly want to get latest news on Sarikei Parliamentary Seat! Oppositions are strong for this seat. Mr. Ding is my friend, Ms Kung was my junior when studying at SMK Bandar Sarikei. Dr. Wong was my doctor before!!!! said...


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Anonymous said...


Food at the Chicken Place is Ok lah.. Nothing to shout about.. (personal Comment)

Pizza at seberang have retired.. :(

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