Thursday, March 27, 2008

Food - Sarikei Homemade Fishballs and Fritters

Sarikei Ikan Tenggiri.
Correct me if this is the wrong picture of the fish!

Now where do the tantalising fish balls 魚丸 or 鱼圆 in your Sarikei home cooking come from? Well, they are made from ikan tenggiri, a fish from the South China Sea that is sold in the Sarikei fish market. Firstly slice the fish into half across the length of the fish. Then use a spoon to scrap the meat off the bone and put inside a pounder. Now pound it furiously.

Sarikei Fishballs with ...
tang hoong glass noodle and black wooden ear fungus.

The fishballs in Asia are different in texture from the European versions because ours is pounded while those in Europe are grinded (as in minced meat passing through a grinder). Pounding uncoils and stretches the tangled protein strands in the fish meat and hence the Asian version is smoother in texture.

Sarikei Fishballs in Steamboat.

Now mix the pulverised (ie crashed) fish meat with some flour and seasoning and you are ready to cook them in your steamboat soup. Throw in some tang hoong glass noodle, black wooden ear 木耳 fungus , mushrooms, vegetables and voila, you have an absolutely delicious soup. The home made fishballs have lots of fish meat compared to those found in hawker centres which have more flour than meat.

Apparently, there's a version of Foochow fish ball with pork fillings. Does anyone have any idea on this?

Sarikei Fish Fritters

If you don't fancy fishballs in soup, you can pan fry the fish paste (mixed with shallots) into fish fritters that look like punctured fishballs. Bon appetit!


Daniel Yiek said...

I know there are Sarikei folks in Paupa New Guinea, Middle East and South America, Hawaii, etc. Are there really some Sarikei folks residing in Africa (according to the counter map at the sidebar)? Pls drop a comment if you are really residing in Africa. How's life there?

Some of the locations shown are not real because eg: if you use a company PC that goes thru a company server in USA, then the map registers you as a USA person though you may be in a different country.

Anonymous said...

Akai, nyamai mat fishball nya

Fang said...

Dear Mr. Yiek,

I am not a local. I am from Taiwan.

I heard about your blog thru a local.

I enjoy your writing.

Please keep up good work.

Foochow pork meatballs are popular

in Taiwan. They look like fishballs

with minced meat stuffed inside.

By the way, this is a serious

request. Where is your big fish

story? Do you like fishing off the

sea? Thank you for your wonderful




Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for dropping by and the info on the foochow meatballs.

No, sorry, I'm not into deep sea fishing. :(


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