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News - Sarikei General Election 2008. Part 2

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
St Anne's School polling station.
Source: halamanku

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
Source: halamanku

By now you would have known the results of the 8 March general elections. SUPP won 6 of the 7 urban seats they competed vs DAP. DAP won the Kuching seat. DAP's Chong Chieng Jen polled 22,901 votes against SUPP's Alan Sim, who garnered 12,949 votes. Chong won with a 9,952-vote majority.

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008
St Anne's School polling station
Source: halamanku

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
Source: halamanku

Sarikei General Election Results

Sarikei produced a very close race as expected in the 5-candidate election. SUPP's Ding Kuong Hiing won by a very slim majority of 51 votes (not a typo) vs the nearest candidate (DAP's Dr Wong Hua Seh). You can see from the results on how each independent candidate influenced the swing votes from both DAP and SUPP.

Were Sarikei folks concerned that it may be losing the Tanjung Manis boom effect to Sibu (Sibu is building a road direct to Tanjung Manis)?

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
Source: halamanku

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
St Anne's School polling station
Source: halamanku

SUPP's Diing was quoted before the election. "My main priority is the economic development. I want to help develop more small and medium-scale entrepreneurs by attracting the big corporations to come and invest in big, high-impact projects."

Did these carrots swing the votes to SUPP?

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
Source: halamanku

Sarikei General Election , 8 Mar 2008.
SMK Bandar Sarikei polling station.
Source: halamanku

The election is now over. The candidates and their parties have started to clean up the banner and poster war. SUPP realises how close Sarikei is to losing to the opposition and will be watching this hot seat. Next the denizens of Sarikei will be watching how the pre-election promises are kept.


Kanga said...

Now the dust begins to settle. 'Talk the talk' has finished. Now let us see the 'walk the walk'.Let us see if promises can turn into reality. My view is: judging by the voting pattern in Sarikei, it is politically a very evenly divided town!

Chev said...



Chev said...

btw, Dr Wong Hua Seh has a blog too.

Anonymous said...

Sarikei is indeed a very interesting town.

and I am very intrigued by the thought that so many are interested in "helping" Sarikei develop during the election.

So , TPK bought a field for 30 mi!! Intriguing to watch a college grow - Soon we will have a great crop of professors with strong political background springing up every where.

They must put their thesis on the blogs for all to evaluate.

kakak tua said...

A promise is a promise. A college is better than nothing. Hope the winning party will back it up with all the (rich) resources at the party's disposal.

Kong said...

I heard United College Sarawak in Sibu poorly run by son of SUPP supremo is not doing well. Do you think TAR in Bintangor will do well? I doubt many students from elsewhere would want to go there. It is like asking me to go study in Ulu Belaga.

I reckon the money would be better spend to make the bridge at Sibu Lanang toll free.

Daniel Yiek said...

Famous Kuching blogger, Kenny Sia, interviewed the 2 Kuching candidates from DAP/SUPP before the election. Very interesting read.



shizheng said...

everytime after the election, one thing that always brings to my mind is... "HELLO... IS ANYONE GOING TO CLEAN UP ALL THE POSTER ON THE FLOOR, ON THE TREE... and can someone plzzz plzzz plzzz bring down the banners at the Dewan Suarah."

i am currently not in sarikei.. but i hope they did clean it up.. don make sarikei a dirty town ok.. we all love sarikei.. hahaha..

Daniel Yiek said...

Tan Sri Ting Phek Khiing should have been called to testify in Sarikei election petition

SIBU, Thurs:
Corporate figure Tan Sri Ting Phek Khiing should have been called to testify in an election petition filed by a defeated DAP candidate to nullify the election result for the Sarikei parliamentary seat, the Election Court heard today.

Henry Ling Kuong Meng, counsel for Sarikei MP Ding Kuong Hiing, submitted that this was because the petitioner, Dr Wong Hua Seh, had alleged that Ting had committed the corrupt practice of bribery by promising the people of the constituency that he would build the Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) college if Ding won the election.

“The allegation demands a conclusive and direct proof. The only way for this is by calling Ting himself as a witness for the petitioner.

“However, he had failed to do so, thus destroying the very foundation of his case,”he said.

Ling contended that the many allegations of promises in speeches by Ting would remain unproven in his absence.

He thus urged Justic Datuk Ian Chin to strike out the petition or dismiss it with costs and uphold the election result.

He also said that Dr Wong had relied purely on newsapaper reports as evidence but such reports were basically hearsay and could not be used as proof.

He said the six reporters who had written the reports had “all conclusively testified and proven that they did not record and report the precise words verbatim.

“No one had used any recording media but merely jotted the main points by hand.

“There was no opportunity for Ding, the respondent, to test the witnesses’ veracity or impeach their impartiality in reporting,” he said.

He said Dr Wong had no personal knowledge of the allegations because he was never present at all those events and had relied on the evidence of others to prove his allegations.

“The evidence must show clearly that the promise or gift was made to an elector or voter to vote or refrain from voting at an election, which is absent in this case,” he said.

He said the best evidence was from Dr Wong himself who had unequivocally testified that the voters were definitely free to vote for any candidate they desired Chin said he would decide on the case after getting the replies from the petitioner’s lawyers led by Chong Siew Chang and fixed July 24 as a tentative date for his judgment.



Sarawak DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng said he and other party leaders would decide over the next 24 hours whether to file an appeal against the rejection of an election petition filed by its losing candidate Dr Wong Hua Seh in Sarikei.

"We will sit down and decide whether to file the appeal," he told reporters today.

"We have given it our best shot," Wong said when reacting to on election judge Datuk Ian Chin Hon Chong's judgment dismissing the petition filed by Dr Wong seeking to declare the election of Ding Kuong Hiing as null and void.

July 21, 2008 16:13 PM

Ding To Dedicate Himself To Serving Constituents

SIBU, July 21 (Bernama) -- Sarikei Member of Parliament Ding Kuong Hiing is a much relieved man, now that the Election Court decided in his favour over a petition brought up DAP candidate Dr Wong Hua Seh whom he defeated with a simple majority of 51 votes in the general election on March 8.

"I have always had high confidence in the country's judicial system and now justice has been served," he said when met after High Court Judge Datuk Ian Chin delivered his judgement to a packed court here Monday.

Chin, who was not present, had his 23-page judgement delivered by Kota Kinabalu High Court's deputy registrar Zulkifli Abllah.

"Now this has been settled, I can go about doing my duties without any worry.

"There is a lot of work to be done. I hope to spend more time with my constituents," said Ding.

Ding, 53, an engineer, is a former political secretary to the chief minister.

Meanwhile, Dr Wong said he would discuss with his lawyers first before deciding whether to appeal against the court's decision.

In the election for the Sarikei Constituency (P.208), Ding polled 10,588 votes to Dr Wong's 10,537.


Daniel Yiek said...

Tuesday July 22, 2008
Sarikei seat petition dismissed

SIBU: The Election Court here has dismissed with costs, a petition for the Sarikei parliamentary seat brought by DAP candidate Dr Wong Hua Seh against Ding Kuong Hiing of the Barisan Nasional.

In the March 8 general election, Ding, 53, from the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) secured 10,588 votes to Dr Wong’s 10,537.

Dr Wong's election petition alleged that Ding or with his knowledge or consent his agent and local corporate figure Tan Sri Ting Pek Kiing had committed six instances of corrupt practice of bribery or of treating under Section 10(b) and 10(c) and Section 8 of the Election Offences Act 1954.

Judge Datuk Ian Chin from the Kota Kinabalu High Court presided over the trial at the high court here.

A large part of the trial focussed on Ting’s alleged promises that he would build the Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College if Ding won in the election.

The 23-page judgement was read by Kota Kinabalu High Court deputy registrar Zulkifli Abllah.

To sum up, Justice Chin said he was “satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt that TPK (Ting) did promise that if Ding is elected, he will build the TAR college and that the promise was made at Feb 25, 29 and March 2 gatherings.”

But to succeed under Section 10(b) of the Election Offences Act 1954, he said the petitioner should establish that the promise to build the college comes within the meaning of the term of “promise to procure, any office, place or employment.”

“The petitioner’s counsel did not argue or demonstrate to the court how the promise to build a college can amount to a promise to procure such an 'office' or 'place' or 'employment'.”

He said the voters too, should have been engaged in the negotiation regarding its construction, and it should be shown that they had demanded for such a college, resulting in Ting issuing that promise to build the college – in return for their votes.

“All that the petitioner produced was evidence of the repeated promise and of what certain witnesses felt, regarding the promise,” he said.

Justice Chin said that the most the promise could amount to was “a promise of development in the form of setting up the college in Bintangor which is a legitimate form of campaigning.”

Therefore, the petitioner had failed to establish a case under Section 10(b) of the Election Offences Act 1954, Justice Chin said. – Bernama

Anonymous said...

Just for record, can you also post past general election results on your web?

Daniel Yiek said...

Added table of 2004 and 2008 results

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