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Scenes - Sarikei Fire Station

Sarikei District Council, 2004

So you had always wanted to spice up your life and be an adventurous fireman. The job may look fun but can be extremely risky in a real fire. The original location of the old fire station was at the right side of the old Sarikei District Council which was built after the formation of Malaysia in 1963. (Updated)

Sarikei Fire Station, 2004

The fire station moved to a bigger building at Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan (opposite the new SESCO office) around 1989. You have often passed by this building and have wondered what does it look like inside. Well, join me for a tour then.

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Red Alert.

Firstly, you have to ask permission to step in there. I told them I would be writing an article on the fire station and needed a few pictures. Personally, I have never been in there and I reckon not many of you have either. Immediately, your attention would be drawn to the main character, a masculine looking vehicle. In red, of course.

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007
Oxygen tanks inside the truck

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
In the driver's seat.
Find the box of disposable latex gloves

Inside the truck were oxygen tanks for fire fighting in smoke filled buildings. Bear in mind that in a fire, most deaths had resulted from smoke inhalation and not from the burns alone. In a smoke filled room, you need to crawl out of the room to avoid the smoke at the top of the room.

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Backside with ladders.

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Top of the truck.
Ladder and body lifting basket.

The ladder at the top of the truck could reach most buildings in Sarikei. Fire fighting in Sarikei's country homes and kampung (Malay villages) is a challenge because they are made of wood. Even though it's a short drive to any location in Sarikei, time is of the essence. I saw a 90% burnt wooden house at Kampung Seberang (across Sarikei River) at Ixora Road in Oct, 2007.

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Van with siren

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Fire fighting boat!

On 4th Jan 1856, old Sarikei was burned down by Julau Dayaks. The 2 biggest fires in recent times were the burning of Cathay cinema block in 1989 and Block 3 Right (counting from Rejang River) in 1990. The modern building block that replaced the Cathay cinema was still looking for people to rent it as of Feb 2008.

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Locker area

Sarikei Fire Station, Oct 2007.
Old lockers at motorbike parking area.
The lockers were from the old fire station's early days.

So do you still want to be a fireman and ride the red truck with the wailing siren? Oh, as a reminder, smoke will get into your eyes.

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jimonge said...

its my first time to see what's inside the Bomba's compound. Never been inside in my whole life!

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