Monday, March 24, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong River at Night

Sarikei Nyelong River ferry, Feb 2008.
High Tide! Wade thru water after the ramp!

Sarikei Nyelong River, Feb 2008.Notice board with ferry price list.

Have you ever been to the Nyelong River after sunset? Besides 1 or 2 kopitiam (coffeeshops), there's another neat night sight - the ferry crossing. What time does the ferry stop operating at night? Is it 24 hours x 7 days? If you arrive late after the last ferry, you have to make a U-turn?!! Have you ever encountered a tide so high that your car have to drive through the water after the ramp? A reader captured this unusual sight.

Sarikei Nyelong River, Feb 2008.
Esplanade with the floral toilet on the right.

Sarikei Nyelong River, Feb 2008.
Esplanade with the new railings.
Find the ferry's lights

Sarikei Nyelong River, Feb 2008.
Find Sarikei District Office in background.

With the brightly lit Nyelong River esplanade, now you have another reason to come here at night - makan angin (leisure). Sarikei is relatively crime free compared to other cities. What time does the lights turn off at night? More importantly, what time does the dua puluh sen (20 cents) floral toilet close? Free pee, anyone?

And now for the video of the high tide. Double click to play. Beware of the salty water - wash your car after this ride. Wet, wet, wet!

Source: Anthony Lau


Daniel Yiek said...

I recall reading about plans to develop an esplanade at Sarikei River too. Does anyone know when will the cradle of Sarikei civilisation have the honour to showcase its full glory meaningfully with statues and plaques on this historic river - that tell the Sarikei tale? It would be pity to have just pavilions and meaningless decor.

2 readers (STLau and Ikan Sembilang) and I have done some research on this. There's so much write that I need to find time to do it nicely versus doing a shoddy post.

Daniel Yiek said...

Just added a new picture for Nyelong River Bridge - taken from a helicopter. A bit small and far but it's an unusual angle to see Sarikei's Nyelong and Rejang Rivers.

Ant L said...

i am Anthony :)

took these fotos as i was out for a nite walk/drive with my parents during CNY back in Sarikei this year :)

lovely place :)

Pazuzu said...

wah ... soooooo long din go sarikei loh ..


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