Friday, March 21, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong River Bridge

Sarikei Nyelong River 2001.
Find the 2 ferries.
View from Sarikei District Office.
Source: Ease Chen

Sarikei Nyelong River 2001
View from Bintangor side
Source: Ease Chen

Do you like the novelty or the romance of the Nyelong River ferry crossing? Despite its short 5-min ride, it's something that most visitors to Sarikei would remember. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this would be your last year for conquering the silty river on ferry. Why?

Sarikei Nyelong River 2004.
Find the ferry.
Note the older style fencing (now replaced)

That's because the long awaited Nyelong River bridge is being built right now and will be completed in late 2008. It is at Meranti Road. Meranti is a tropical lowland rainforest tree. The location is somewhere in the new residential areas of Nyelong Park (near the Nyelong River of course).

Sarikei Nyelong River Bridge Construction, Sep 2007.
Source: Kong Hieng

Sarikei Nyelong River Bridge Construction, March 2008.
Source: Desmond Jerukan

The area is under construction and is off limit to visitors. How is a bridge built? It's not an easy job, kids.

Sarikei Nyelong River concept, 2004.
Source: A Sarikei calendar

Is this what the bridge will look like? Please ignore the blue waters and rolling mountains in the background. That's not Sarikei's scenary lah.

Sarikei Nyelong River, Feb 2007.
Price Check.
Click to enlarge. Click back arrow to come back.
Source: Jimmy Ong

Now you better catch the next ferry to enjoy the last rides and breathe in the cool river breeze that comes with a hint of the ferry's diesel exhaust.


Daniel Yiek said...

Happy Easter folks! Does anyone else have photos of the Nyelong River bridge's progress? Bintangor, here we come!

Nelson said...

My dad used to bring us the meranti side of the bridge and said that they are going to build a bridge there soon... After 20 years only the bridge started to be built and it's delayed.

Desmond said...

We share the sentimental thought of the Nyelong bridge :)

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